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Mar 4, 2008 05:43 PM

Good Luck Amalfi...

My wife and I have just had our last meal at Amalfi. I consider Amalfi to be the cornerstone of Rocklands restaurant scene. The best part about eating our last meal at Amalfi is the promise of a new Amalfi...on the water. Amalfi will be moving down to the waters edge into an unimaginable kitchen that was originally imagined by the new's complicated. I am posting this to see if any other New England Chow Hound users have had a positive experience at Amalfi and would like to share a pleasant experience on this thread as a way to send good luck their way. I love to read about great experiences in restuarants that are special and are in special many great moments accented by food, it's beautiful.

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  1. Yes, agreed. How many restaurants appreciate their customers enough to send their customers Christmas cards? We can't wait for the new location.

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      Amalfi in Narragansett? If so, Our first few visits were very nice, beyond that my wife and i are unimpressed. they have not made a change to their menu in a number of years. the food at the outside bar is nothing to speak of either. If this is not the establishment that you are referring to then...never mind...

    2. I had the good fortune of working with Chef Dave Cook when Amalfi first opened, along with Chip Dewing and John Bailey. Dave has continud to learn and grow since I first met him in Camden, and working at Amalfi, despite all of the difficulties that new restaurants pose, was an experience that I will always cherish. I wish him the best of luck, not so much in creating his new venture, but in finding the type of staff he deserves - always a challenge in mid-coast Maine, but particularly in this season. I miss that paella, and I was just recently describing the Txakoli that was a perrenial favorite on his wine list. I'll see you there in October.

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        Disregard my post, I initially missed the reference to Rockland...