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Mar 4, 2008 05:40 PM

FOUR DAYS IN SEATTLE : foodies on a mission

Two foodies with four days in Seattle, a rental car, and glorious appetites.

Two late 20's travelers on our way to Seattle for the first time. We're staying at the Watertown near the University, but we plan to be mobile, and are looking to spend quite a bit of time in the city center area (not downtown, what do you guys call it?)

I found the Pike St Market Food Tour (, which sounds like a fun lunch, but otherwise I have no direction.

A couple of "fancy" meals would be great (looking for stand-out chefs), but we would prefer hole-in-the-wall joints for the most part. Budget is not tight, but then again we're not rolling big on this trip.

What are your regular go-to spots? Where do you take the hot date? What about the best desserts in the area? Best dim sum?

Note: Boyfriend has a life long mission for the world's greatest chimichanga. I just love great food.

I'll be stalking the boards for the next couple of weeks, but I thought I'd seek out some general input.

Hounds, you rule.

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  1. I travel to Seattle frequently on business and have eaten at all of the "coolest" places, but two of my go to spots remain Le Pichet and Salima. Le Pichet is a great, small French cafe that has a nice wine selection and excellent rustic food. Salima is another story all together - in an out of the way location, not fancy at all, but run by the owners and truly uniqu cuisine at very reasonable prices. Salima features Malaysian, Cham and Vietnamese food. Also, if you're into coffee, you can't do beter than Stumptown Coffee.

    Le Pichet
    Seattle, WA, Seattle, WA

    Seattle, WA, Seattle, WA

    1115 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

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      This was the headline for a local newspaper article about Salima: Peanut heaven in the shadow of transit construction

      I'm there.

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        Salumi has pretty good sandwiches. The wait sucks and seating is almost nonexistant, but you can almost feel your heart slow down when you eat the food.

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          keep in mind Cafe Presse if you like Le Pichet. I've always had no problem getting in to eat at Cafe Presse, but have spent some time waiting for Le Pichet. Oh yum... their frites.... and there is a Stumptown right next door to Cafe Presse.
          and if you like desserts, go for breakfast at Cafe Besalu. hands down best pastries in the city. a must for a latte and pain au chocolate.

          1. re: Husky

            Whoa, a LePichet recommendation and a Salima recommendation in 1 post.
            You are my Chowhound god.
            (I like both as well)

          2. I've spent lots of time there on business and pleasure and sweetie is from there so we go back regular - in fact we're headed south at the end of the month. We never ever have enought time to try every place so have a tradition of "progressive eating". Appetizers here, salads or soup there etc. lots of sharing involved. So here's some of my favorite downtown things -

            Oysters at Elliots on the waterfront and if they have the smoked salmon spinach salad, I like that too
            Satay and mango daquiris at Wild Ginger
            There was a gelato place across the street from Wild Ginger I like too
            Cafe Campagne for casual french
            Assagio for great italian
            House of Hong for dim sum
            Metropolitan Grill - the house of big meat for great steaks
            First Hill Bar and Grill for casual diner food with a greek accent (love these guys!)

            I'm watching the boards too for new places to try and look forward to seeing more replies to your post

            1. For your stand-out chef meals, I would go to How To Cook a Wolf and Sitka and Spruce.

              I don't think your boyfriend's going to find the world's greatest chimichanga in Seattle.

              Another fun place is Quinn's.

              1. When I did my foodie tour visiting from LA, highlights for me were Matt's In The Market and Cafe Juanita.

                And Stumptown is great, so Portland thanks you.