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Mar 4, 2008 05:28 PM

LI Synagogue Caterers

I am looking for a caterer for my daughters wedding. Does anyone have any experience with the caterers at:
Temple Hillel, N. Woodmere,
Shelter Rock JC,
East Meadow JC,
Hewlett East Rockaway JC or
Great Neck Synagogue.
We plan to go and taste the food at all, but wanted the opinions of my fellow kosher hounds regarding food quality, consistency etc.

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  1. My husband and I were at a wedding at Temple Hillel a few months ago, and were pleasantly surprised by both the facility and the food, which was quite good. I've only been to the one wedding, though, and can't say anything with regard to consistency.

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      Thanks for that information GilaB.

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        I know it's not on your list, but my sister's wedding was in Sephardic Temple in Cedarhurst and I thought the food was very good and the place was very nice. Good luck.

    2. I was married at East Meadow JC. We thought it was fabulous. A great array of delicious appetizers in the cocktail hour and then delicious spread for the main meal and desserts. This was almost 10 years ago, but it's still the same caterer. They also sent us home with all the leftovers from the cocktail hour...we didn't have to cook for weeks!

      1. Here is a post of mine from 2005 if HIGH end gourmet Kosher is wanted...4 star quality....and I've never been to a wedding with kosher food that I ever liked, except for this one that I describe below..........gorgeous presentation and fabulous concoctions.
        I've reccomended them before, and I will gladly do it again, the best, and most elegant wedding I have ever been to was last May in Melville, Long Island at Temple Beth Torah--caterers were Morrell Caterers, food was like a 4 star restaurant, amazing stations, absolutely high end gourmet kosher, have never, and I mean never mean to a kosher affair like this one---took their card, it's rare to actually have great food at a wedding, and this was one---

        here's their
        I believe they do offsite catering--very nice people, ask for Tom Cataldo, he's the gentleman I spoke with who runs the show.

        Janie Jan 06, 2005 01:44AM