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Mar 4, 2008 05:19 PM

great lunch deals in Philly

I recently went to Amada for lunch, they have a great lunch special, and you get nice portions. You get a choice of soup, entree & drink for $12.50

Are there any other nice lunch deals at good restaurants?

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  1. Estia has a number of price fixe lunch specials. Something like 3 courses for $17. Compared to dinner it's a lot cheaper. They also have a fish of the day for $14.

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      I haven't been there in ages, but Pattaya Grill (40th & Walnut) used to ahve three course lunch specials for $7.95 (how can that be!) that were wonderful.

    2. has anyone tried the moriomoto lunch omasake?
      that's what i've been curious about.

      1. XIX has a nice lunch special- $17pp I think?

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          Fogo de Chao is considerably cheaper for lunch than for dinner if you are in the mood to indulge your inner carnivore. Don't know the cost or if all the cuts of meat are offered.

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            I haven't actually been there for lunch, but I'm 95% sure that it's exactly half the price of dinner and that all the food is exactly the same.

            1. re: Buckethead

              I've been told it is the same exact food selection.

              Also, Buddakan has a 3 course lunch bento, I think it's $14