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Mar 4, 2008 03:49 PM

SF - Yes Virginia, there IS a Cuban sandwich truck

I just read this update on the elusive Tacos Goza Goza Truck

"As of March 4, parked in front of the driveway to the Goodwill Store at 1580 Mission Street (between 11 St and Lafayette) from 9:30am to 3pm. Brand-new truck, traded in old one last week. Previously parked on Otis for a couple days until a police officer identified it as not the correct licensed location."

I was beginning to doubt I actually ate there and just blacked out and imagined it. My original post.

SF - Goza Goza Cuban sandwich truck ... real Cuban, NOT Mexican Cubanos

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  1. Grrr, now I don't work near there anymore. I searched for that truck for several days last fall.

    I still don't really believe you :)

    So I think someone needs to go and take pictures as proof. Not to mention report back on the food.

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    1. re: Dave MP

      Ya know that is almost enough to make me drive to SF tommorrow, finally take my digital camera out if it's box (or use my cell phone camera) ... and take pictures ... then upload those suckers to Chowhound. I am hoping in absence of all of that someone will track it down and report back ... I don't even trust me anymore.

      1. re: rworange

        sometimes myth is more seductive than reality...

        1. re: rworange

          Being a retiree with too much time on my hands, I took it upon myself to get this elusive creature in the sights of my camera. Here's the living proof of Goza-Goza and its "Cuba" Sandwich promise parked on the South side of Mission Street between Eleventh St. and S. Loch Ness (er, Van Ness) abut 1:30PM. I didn't vet the sammich, as I had eaten lunch and anyway, I'm such an expert connoisseur that I usually get my Cubano from a London-based sandwich chain.

          Note: Goza-Goza also appears to have a permit for a stop at 450 Townsend (3:00-6:00 PM) as well. Has anytbody seen them there?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Just walked by the "Goza Goza Taco" truck on the NE corner of 11th and Mission.

          Sadly, they didn't have mango licuados as advertised on the side of the truck, but they did have Cuban sandwiches.

          The sandwich is filled with fairly thick slices of roasted pork, which is a little on the dry side, but the pickles, ham and melty Swiss cheese contributes the needed moisture. The bread is a squishy roll, toasted flat, and the pork has great flavor, despite the aforementioned dryness. It's really hitting the spot and an improvement over the last Cuban sandwich I had at Bodeguito del Medio in Puerto Vallarta (big bread and unwanted lettuce, if I remember correctly).

          1. Stopped by today around 1. Was where described. Pretty much agree with PiuPer's review, pork could definitely be a little moister. Someone walked up while I was waiting and asked the proprietor how many tacos he got for 2$. When the reply was "one" the guy freaked out. The proprietor replied "Hey, this ain't Oakland." Classic.

            1. Today, on my way to dinner on my bike, I came to the corner of Harrison and 25th St and lo and behold, I saw the Goza Goza Cuban sandwich truck. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

              I had my doubts, but rworange wasn't making it up!

              I didn't try anything since I was on my way to dinner, but I will hopefully go very soon.

              I spoke to the people working in the truck, and they are now located weekdays near the park on the corner of 25th St and Harrison, between 10 AM and 6 PM. So that's where you can find them!

              Dave MP