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Mar 4, 2008 03:43 PM

Restaurant near San Jose Fairmont

I'll be staying at the San Jose Fairmont on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I'm looking for a dinner recommendation for Friday night...hopefully some place not too far away. $15-$20 pp for entrees. There is an Il Fornaio across the street, but that is about all I've seen.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. I had a lunch meeting (with a limited menu from the regular menu, but not served banquet style) at the restaurant in the hotel (the something Grill), and it was very decent. I don't know how the dinner is, but my lunch entree was dinner-ish style. I don't know what the actual price point is. I'd guess $20-$30, but really unsure. Quite convenient, however.

    1. I've traveled to San Jose often and usually stay at the Fairmont.

      Il Fornaio is my favorite restaurant downtown. Some turn up their noses because it's a chain, but it's darn good food, at least to me. I love the butternut squash ravioli.

      The Grill (restaurant in the Fairmont) is a good steak place. Also Morton's down the street (Park, I think the street is?) is good. I don't eat a lot of steak so I don't frequent these types of places. Both of those may be out of the price range you mention.

      If you don't mind a short walk, I also recommend La Pastaia, in the Hotel DeAnza.
      McCormick and Schmicks next to the Fairmont is pretty good.

      There is a deep dish pizza place a few blocks away that I really liked, if you're looking for something more casual. I can't recall the name right now; maybe I can find it shortly.

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        Okay, I think it was Pizz'A Chicago, at 155 W. San Fernando.

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          I second the vote for Il Fornaio! I wasn't aware it was a chain until recently, but boy, did we have a great breakfast there! Highly recommended. Friendly service too!

          1. One of the best Vietnamese restaurants in the Bay Area -- Vung Tau -- is not far from there.

            Vung Tau Restaurant
            535 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95112

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              Another is 19 Market, great Vietnamese, along with a very nice bar.

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                I second the votes for Vung Tau, Pizz'a Chicago, and La Pastaia.