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Mar 4, 2008 03:33 PM

Whole Snapper in Delray area

Any recommendations for any style whole snapper (Asian , Cuban, Greek or other). Plenty of Snapper filet available but it seems to be a different fish , not the local Yellowtail Snapper. I have seen whole Yellowtail in Publix so I guess it is available, but a little expensive.

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  1. have you tried Kingspoint Market on the SW corner of Jog and Atlantic. They are a fresh fish market and I bet they could get it for you if they don't have it stocked. I like their fish - it is much fresher than Publix. Failing them, try The Boys on Military or even Wholefoods in Boca.

    1. Whole Foods on Glades in Boca almost always has whole Yellowtail - but egads, the price! Almost worth it to drive to Islamorada and buy some at the docks at Whale Harbor! You can also try the fish market on US1 a few blocks N of Boynton Beach Blvd (just opposite the infamous Troy's BBQ in fact).

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        Try Pop's Fish Market in Deerfield. Not too far from Delray, the folks there are super cool, and the fish is always fresh. They've usually got all types of snapper, including red and yellowtail. They pack things up nicely with ice too to make sure everything gets home safe - bring a small cooler and you're golden.

        Pop's Fish Market
        131 West Hillsborough Boulevard
        Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441
        Telephone: (954) 427-1331

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          I'll second the reco for Pop's. It's on Hillsboro Blvd (note correct spelling) about 1 mile E of I-95 or 1 mile W of US1.

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              third for pops - we buy whole fish there all the time. whatever they have fresh has always been delicious.

        2. albee - are you looking for restaurant suggestions (you mention Asian, Cuban, Greek above.) If so I had an excellent whole snapper at Phuket Thai (22191 Powerline Rd
          Boca Raton 561-447-8863.)

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            I have had good Whole Steamed Snapper with ginger scallion sauce at Kingsburg Chinese Restaurant in Boynton Beach. It was listed on their daily specials board at the front desk.

            Kingsburg Chinese Restaurant
            Phone: 561-734-8255

            Location : 9819 S Military Trl, Boynton Beach, FL 33436 ( Between Old Boynton Rd & Boynton Beach Blvd, on west side of Military Trail .)

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              Last summer we ate at Phuket Thai and there were gnats everywhere, drawn by the lights, falling in our food. Someone must have left a door open. I have had a good meal there but this wasn't one of them.

            2. I haven't had a whole lot of luck with Publix seafood lately. Bought a whole snapper from one of their Boynton locations and had to return it (bleh!) Another place I've bought seafood from in the past that has not been mentioned is Doris Italian Grocery in Boca on Yamato (west of I-95.) Last week I bought a dolphin fillet from Whole Foods and it was pretty good (9.95/lb) Some stuff looked pricey but at least it was moving, unlike the fish at my local Publix.

              1. I passed by and went in to look at a wet fish market in Boynton last week. It's somewhere around Dixie and either Boynton Beach Blvd or Gateway. They seemed to have a lot of shellfish in there and plenty of other fish too. I wasn't shopping that day but I just popped in to take a look. I cannot remember the name or the exact location tho, but from memory is on BBB a couple blocks west of Dixie.

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                  If it is on Boynton Beach Blvd, just E of 95, you are talking about the very fine Captain Frank's Seafood. Not cheap but always good stuff.

                  If you are talking about US1 N of BBB, then you are talking about a different place (which is opposite Troy's BBQ, often discussed in BBQ threads here!),

                  1. re: CFByrne

                    yep it was Captain Franks. I thought it was pricey but I wasn't shopping that day, just stopped in to take a look. I usually go to Kingspoint Fish Market on Jog and Atlantic but that isn't cheap either though also good and fresh and better quality than the Publix fish dept. I do wish fish wasn't so expensive. Can't see the reason for it in Fl, it's a bloody peninsula for goodness sake!!!!