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Mar 4, 2008 03:15 PM

Tamarac - Fri night dinner for 9 - suggestions?

Will be visiting family in Tamarac (King's Point) in couple of weeks. Want to take everyone out for nice dinner at place that will take reservations. We are not kosher, but kosher style Fri night dinner or good deli with full dinners would be perfect. A nice place with tablecloths is preferred. These are older seniors who want to eat around 6 p.m., nothing too spicy, preferably home style cooking, Italian, or Chinese. We are willing to travel 30 min, but not too far. Suggestions? TIA!

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  1. well, i don't know about the kosher style friday night dinner, but you can travel north on university to TooJays in Coral Springs which is kosher style, deli with matzoh ball soup, brisket or pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, but they don't take reservations. Alternately, non kosher style italian, you can try Fra Diavalo on University in Tamarac which does have full dinners if you get there before 6:00 PM (any night of the week, i think, but you should call). nice, not expensive italian.

    1. Rio Vista in Sunrise may fit the bill. It's in a strip mall (so what else is new?!!) just west of University Drive on 44th street (about 10 minutes from Kings Point) and has been in business at least 20 years. It's a mom and pop (and small children) operation. They have tablecloths and take reservations. They have a very large menu that will cater to all tastes (lots of different fish dishes, poultry, beef, veal, and some pasta). The prices are very reasonable. It generally gets an older crowd; but the food is pretty good. Most likely your family has heard of it and may even have eaten there before. The prices are very reasonable too...wont' bust your wallet.

      1. What about the Pastrami Club on University Drive in Lauderhill? I haven't been there but my Mom loves the place. Practically right next door is Makino...a Japanese Chinese buffet with a dessert buffet too...another popular place with several seniors.

        Too Jays is always good, but gets pretty crowded. My mom, who also lives in Tamarac, and used to live in Kings Point will often go to the following with her friends:

        Pizza Stop for Italian on Pine Island Road and Southgate
        Pagoda for Chinese (also on Pine Island)
        Best Deli (this may be for breakfast or lunch, not dinner)
        Lots of choices in Coral Springs, and it's less than 30 minutes....
        Spring Garden for Chinese on Sample Road west of University
        Flavors of Italy for Italian at 3111 University, south of Sample
        Too Jays for Deli...

        Enjoy your visit!

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          My older family really loves Ferro's Pizza in Tamarac, and to be honest, it's not bad at all. Very solid American-Italian food, very reasonably priced, quiet and quaint. They have do very decent veal and chicken piccadas and such, and they're usually sub $12 and come with salad and bread etc. It's a very typical menu, but it's all done very well. Probably something the folks would like.

          8146 N University Dr
          Tamarac, FL 33321
          (954) 722-3444

          TooJay's is dangerous territory, man. Their food super greasy and not all that great, and boy-oh-boy do they have attitudes there. I've been in like 3-4 times just to pick up sandwiches because my friend seems to like them, and each time we've gotten a face full of sourness. Maybe if I had to deal with aged Coral Spring-ers all the time I'd be pissed off too, but you couldn't pay me to walk back in that joint.

          1. re: johnmlinn

            we have eaten at ferro's and enjoyed it too. we do like toojays & what is wrong with coral springer-ers, aged or otherwise?

            1. re: meb903

              I don't mean to be stereotypical, but.... OK, yes I do. I was raised in Springs, and while it's a very nice town, some of the populace does have a whole lot of holier-than-thou going on. I also had the pleasure of working my way through college in Coral Springs restaurants, so I know first-hand how that deal-io goes down. Sure there are people are like that everywhere you go, but there's this pervasive uninformed superiority that seems to cling to that area. I don't mean to be ageist at all - bad vibes know no age.

            1. re: pringle347

              Pringle--I think Makino might be closed. They had a fire there several weeks ago. I'm not sure if they are back on their feet. I would call first:

              5200 N University Dr
              Lauderhill, FL 33351
              (954) 748-3788

              1. re: kmills9408

                Thanks for the updates! I obviously don't go out enough! ;-)

            2. Thanks for the suggestions so far. TooJay's really does have an attitude. I had called them because there will be 9 of us and one family member is diabetic (needs to eat on schedule) to make a reservation. I got a big know-it-all type who laughed and said they wouldn't take reservations for the Queen of England (I think they would but Prince Philip with his German pre WWII background wouldn't approve of an Our Crowd resto).

              Will look into Fra Diavolo, that sounds interesting. Will try to find a menu online or send family member to check it out. Thanks!