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Mar 6, 2002 01:59 PM

One night in Westwood/What can't I miss?

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Hello LA hounds. Will be down your way in a couple of weeks for a brief meeting on Monday morning-flying in Sunday afternoon. I will be staying at the Doubletree Westwood, 10740 Wilshire Boulevard. Where should I go in this neighborhood for my one night's dinner? All cuisines considered, no exclusions. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Chow.

Randy S.

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  1. m
    Michael Robertson Moore

    Eat at Tanino. The chef is Tanino Drago, brother of Celestino (who has something like four or five restaurants in LA.) Fine Italian/Sicilian cooking. Also one of the most beautiful restaurant spaces in town.

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    1. re: Michael Robertson Moore

      While I basically agree with another post which suggested La Cachette, if you want to stay in Westwood, the above post recommending Tanino is spot on. Don't miss it!

    2. Given your limited window, I'd call La Cachette, 10506 Little Santa Monica Blvd., (310) 470-4992, and reserve. Excellent French.

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        torta basilica

        You beat me to this recommendation - great for romance, too.

      2. Shahrzad flame on westwood blvd a few blocks south of wilshire. Very good Persian food, something a little different. Try the eggplant and kashk appetizer and the fesenjan. Great bread, fresh from the tandoor in the room.

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          Sunin is the favorite of me and the monkeyboyfriend. We walk there now that we live in the neighborhood. I always mean to try the highly recommended mezze, but invariably I cave and order the Shish Tawook sandwich, which is chunks of broiled chicken, pickled beets, some other greens, and the best damn garlic sauce in the whole world, all wrapped in flatbread. I've never been to Zankou Chicken, but I don't feel that I need to, what with Sunin the gem nearby. (Also, the monkeyboyfriend doesn't like to travel far. He hates looking for parking.) It is, however, extremely casual. (The damned fools as Zagat say to get it to go, but I love the homey atmosphere, listening the Lebanese pop on the stereo, watching the families. What frickin' snobs.) When the mbf and I first started dating, we went to Sunin and sat at the counter. As we waited for our food, the proprietress of the restaurant began to carve A WHOLE LAMB right in front of us. I think it was for a wedding. I turned a bit green, but the food is so wonderful, it's never bothered me. (Incidentally, I've never seen a repeat performance of the lamb-incident.)

          Our other favorite neighborhood Middle Eastern joint is Shamshiri (sp?), which we love for its massive and delicious servings of Persian kabobs. They also make great stews served with the crunchy cooked rice that ahderes to the bottom of the cooking pot. Unfortunately, they are now closed for rennovations (probably the first since 1978). This is another family restaurant that is more dressed up than Sunin (and a lot bigger), but they're like apples and oranges...or hummus and babaghanouj.

          1. re: LAmonkeygirl

            I agree. Sunnin is their fatoush salad. If you're gonna do Persian, Shahrzad Flame is definitely much better than Shamshiri...the homemade flat bread is to die for, plain or w/butter and fresh onions. Their kabobs are also tastier and fresher than Shamshiri. The crunchy rice thing is called "Tahdeegh". Their stews are also more flavorful!!!

            1. re: Naz

              Thanks for the suggestion. Myself and the monkeyboyfriend liked Shamshiri b/c it is very close (walkable) and also...break out the sappy music...we had out first date there, after a little trip to the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Four plus years later, the mbf and I are still together. Was it the restaurant, or the mbf, that kept me coming back for more? I'm almost afraid to find out!

            2. re: LAmonkeygirl
              Randy Salenfriend

              Ok MG, this is the early leader in the clubhouse for true Chowhound deliciousness and something different from the everyday. Thanks to all for your thoughtful suggestions but as Samo correctly notes at the top of this page, there is little reason for a San Franciscan to do Italian, French, Thai etc. Not that I didn't consider them however. Two final questions: Any place else that merits consideration and what kind of monkey?


          2. On the far more casual side: Sunnin is a fantastic Lebanese place on Westwood Blvd., just North of Santa Monica Blvd.

            1. I like China Chili, which is in the heart of Westwood. It's a Chinese place, but it's not your ordinary Chinese place. It's on Westwood Blvd. in the same block as the Rite Aid.

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              1. re: M

                It's been sold to a pasta place. May already be closed for remodeling.