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Mar 4, 2008 02:43 PM

My DC Restaurant Trip

On my trip (I'm not going, i'm organizing it for one of my dad's friends) I looked at these restaurants, which do you recommend?

Willard Room in Willard Intercontinental Hotel

La Taberna del Alabadero
Ben's Chili Bowl

BLT Steak
The Monocle

Thanks a lot (16 yr old foodie)

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  1. Not the Monocle or BLT Steak.

    If you want a steak house go to: Charlie Palmer, Capitol Grills, Prime Rib.

    What are they looking for in terms of price range and food?

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      Agreed. BLT Steak is a chain. If you're going to do a chain steak house, the ones above are better. And the Monacle is fun only because of its history, not its food. Perhaps lunch there would be better.

      Give us more information about what they want and we can probably give some good recommendations.

    2. Taberno and Ben's are two very different things. both good, just in different ways.

      1. BLT Steak is not nearly as good as The Prime RIb, a non-chain Washington steak house. Best steak house is Charlie Palmers; a chain but very good. The Occidental will be a disappointment. Mediocre service and food. Your friend must be staying at the Willard. Try Cityzen, Komi, or one of the Pen Quarter restaurants, perhaps Tosca for Italian. The Monocle has litttle to recommend it except the (perhaps) fleeting glance of a Congressman. The food is certianly not a reason to go there. You have just as good a chance to see a politician at Bistro Bis and it has far better food.

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          Hate to tell ya, but The Prime Rib is a chain, aside from DC, there's one in Baltimore and another branch in Philadelphia.

        2. Willard Room is formal and spendy. Teaism in both Penn Quarter and Dupont circle is laid back & charming with really good food. Taberna is a good place but much better for happy hour (half priced tapas and wine). Citronelle is overrated. I agree w/ the poster that said Bistro Bis is better food than Monocle and you may see some Hill celebs. Best places for a really nice dinner w/ top notch food are 1789 (georgetown) and Obelisk (dupont circle). There are several threads that mention both if you 'search'.
          You should talk them in to bringing you!