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Mar 4, 2008 02:19 PM

Eat like a King pay like a Pauper

Need help my fellow chowhounds. I have my sister's wedding anniversary coming up pretty quick and my wife and I are suppose to take my sister and her husband out to dinner for their anniversary. My problem is that I need to find a "nice" restaruant at a affordable price. Location doesn't does. Looking for a quality restaurant that has good food-nice atmosphere that is VERY affordable.(this economy is killing me!) Thank you for your help and suggestions....

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  1. Need a little more info to be of much use. HOW affordable? Where in town? (your alias suggests you had some affiliation with UCLA, but not when) What will/won't you and your guests eat?

    1. Try being a little more specific.
      How much you want to spend pp?
      Wine or not?

      1. How about one of the Persian restaurants on Westwood. Good food and the price is reasonable.

        1. Lal Mirch. Fantabulous Indian restaurant in Studio City. The chicken tikka I got was perfect, simply perfect: juicy pieces of chicken with a little bit of char, and very flavorful. The sides we got were all excellent, as were some of the other entrees I tried. The rice was fluffy, the naan straight from the oven. You can do family style, or order your own.
          Their wine list leaves a lot to be desired, maybe check about their corkage.
          Here's the website. Please ignore the prominent display of the Zagat rating.

          1. I apologize for my vagueness. The budget for the evening is $200.00 give or take.. American food preferable(ie: steak, chicken etc) Italian will work as well. My sister and her husband will have a drink or two. My wife is not a drinker at all and since I will be driving I will avoid alcohol for the evening. Pasadena area would be nice. Long beach will work as well.

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            1. re: Timabruin

              Well I see my Lal Mirch rave was wasted.

              For really good Italian in the Pasadena area: Briganti in south pas, and Celestino in pasadena (a bit more expensive than briganti).

              1. re: slacker

                Not entirely -- I will try Lal Mirch based on your rec, as it is very close to my place. BUT I am fairly suspicious of an Indian restaurant that has beef dishes on their menu! What gives?

                1. re: Maxmillion

                  I don't eat beef so I never really notice that on menus. But I say, whatevers. The food is very good. One of my friends got the mixed tandoori plate (mixed meats), and that didn't look as good as everything else we had.
                  Hope you enjoy it.

                  1. re: slacker

                    Hey -- we got take away from Lal Mirch on Sun eve. Really great Chicken Tikka Masala (my benchmark) - it was all white meat, too; excellent fluffy Garlic Naan; rich and oily (but delicious) Lamb Dupiaza. The only disappointment was the Aloo Gobi which is my SO's fave but he doesn't like the ones that are kind of tomato based.

                    I have yet to try their daal (another of my benchmarks).

                    Also, there were no pappadum on the menu and I forgot to ask when placing the order. When I got there I said that, and offered to pay cash for the pappadums (plain, not peppercorn, thank goodness) and they gave me some free!!!

                    Very cool.

                    My new fave Indian place.

                    Thanks so much for to slacker the rec!

                    1. re: Maxmillion

                      You're welcome! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. :)

                  2. re: Maxmillion

                    Hindus don't eat beef. There are hundreds of millions of Muslims and Christians in India too, amongst other religions. Lal Mirch is wonderful, I hope you won't write it off based on the fact that they serve beef.

                  3. re: slacker

                    not wasted at all --- i couldn't figure out what i wanted or where to go tonight - "Fantabulous" sounds ideal when not in the mood to drive to artesia
                    thank you

                    1. re: slacker

                      Your Lal Mirch review was far from wasted! From your rave, I'm ready to try it, and as a bonus, I live SO close.


                      1. re: JeffW

                        whycook and JeffW, hope you enjoy it! They are thinking about expanding, but not into my area--boo. I wish they were closer to me so I can go more and try more of the menu.

                    2. re: Timabruin

                      Sorry, Pasadena & LB off my radar screen.
                      If Westwood is acceptable, Tanino will fit to perfection.
                      Very decent Italian. Nice & classy look, reasonably priced.