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Mar 4, 2008 02:11 PM

Gourmet food in Lower/Mid Bucks - Aside from Cote?

Just moved back to Newtown area after a few year absence and am wondering if there are any gourmet food stores aside from Cote and Co in Doylestown and the rip-off place in Peddler's Village. Cheese, olive oils, etc.

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  1. Welcome back, Jamie Hollander in New Hope is delicious.

    1. Also in Doylestown is Maison de Cheese, across from the Bagel Barrell. Not a bad cheese selection.

      Taste of Italy has opened closed to Cote in Doylestown as well.

      Wegman's in Warminster has a decent olive bar, and the cheese selection is passable too.

      1. I'll second Jamie Hollander- try taking home a dry aged steak.
        Altomonte's is an italian specialty store on the other side of Poor Richard's from Cote and Co. In between the two stores (in the same strip as Poor Richard's) is a great bakery- Crossroads.

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          I'll peek into Jamie Hollander to see what they have, altho that's as far away as Cote.

        2. If you're in Newtown, try the fishmonger in the Newtown Farmer's Market. I was really pleased with him. It's not exactly gourmet, but you can get good food there if you're willing to cook. Prepared food isn't much, but might be better now. Try Tanner Bros. for ice cream, by the scoop or gallon, it's good. Maybe not earth-shattering, but good. There's gotta be decent stuff in the Newtown area, but I haven't explored quite as much since I moved to the other end of the county. There are a lot of good restaurants in the area like State Street Kitchen. No need for fancy. You'll probably have to go further afield than you'd like to find a true gormet grocer, but there's other good stuff in the Newtown area.

          1. The original comment has been removed