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Mar 4, 2008 02:02 PM

Your Lunch Spots During the Work Week - Charlotte

Where in Charlotte do you HONESTLY frequent for lunch during the work week? I am not talking necessarily those nice business lunches. Where do you nab something to eat when you are in a rush, pop in to with a co-worker, etc, in the Charlotte area, near your workplace? Be it a chain, a corporate cafeteria, or mom and pop place, I'm just interested where Charlotte people go to the most during lunch time at work. I'll admit right now that our office tends to frequent Panera, Showmars (ew), Rusty's Grille, Upstate (?) Pizza.

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  1. When I worked in Southend, we made Monsoon our unofficial cafeteria. Now I'm down in Ballantyne and have yet to find a favorite spot. It's all chainy.

    1. Just Fresh, Mert's, Tin Tin Box and Noodles, Verona, Latorres

      1. I'm on the edge of downtown so if I walk I go to: United House of Prayer on Mint, Pita Pit, Tin Tin Box and Noodles. Occasionally if there's a group of us we go to Tavern on the Tracks. If I have to be in the car during lunch I'll often swing into the Home Economist on South Blvd and get something from the deli.

        Cutter - Is Latorres affordable for lunch? Okay for dining alone at lunch?

        1. I'm in South Charlotte, so I end up going to bedder Bedder & Moore, Azteca and Showmars. For celebratory lunches, it's Mac's or Sole'.

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            There is absolutely nothing within walking distance unless you count the vending machines at the Amtrak station across the street (just kidding!!!) but we occasionally go to Hawthorne for a slice or Phat Burrito or NOFO on Liz. Sometimes I grab a sandwich at Reid's. Mostly I brown bag it though.

          2. In Pineville, we might take a drive to Taqueria on South. Staying a little closer to home, we hit Showmar's, Viet-Thai, Clucker's (although on recent visits the place was understaffed, underheated and undersanitized). Also, Thai House.