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Mar 4, 2008 02:00 PM

Quick! Greek near LaGuardia for a client dinner

I need quick recomendations for a Greek place near the airport to take a client to. Cuban would be good also, but Greek is the #1 choice.

From an Austin chowhound confused in NYC

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  1. If you want to venture out on the BQE a bit, go to Jackson Heights and follow the esteemed JFores protocol. He is a chowhounders with the best recs on that area.

    1. Christo's Steakhouse is very close to LAG.
      As a side note, I'm headed to Austin in May (Hyatt Lost Pines Resort).
      I know about Stubbs. Where else should I go for some Texas Brisket in Austin or nearby as I'll have a car.
      Enjoy NY,

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      1. re: johnk

        I like Elias Corner in Astoria/LIC (2402 31st St 718-932-1510). It's about 3 miles, an easy trip. Fantastic Greek seafood.

        By the way, LaGuardia is LGA, not LAG.

        1. re: johnk

          If you don't mind a short drive (30-45 minutes) into the hill country, I will ALWAYS suggest The Salt Lick:

          Some of the best BBQ you will ever have. What part of town are you staying in?

          1. re: A Ron

            That's the second rec. for Salt Lick! Thanks for your reply.
            I'm staying in Bastrop @ Hyatt Lost Pines.

        2. Plaka Mediterranean Cafe is Greek, pretty good and extremely close to LaGuardia. It's in the Walbaum's shopping center in Jackson Heights (off 76th Street and 30th Ave. or 75-61 31st Ave to be exact)

          1. It all depends how you're getting around. There is almost no public transportation into/out of LaGuardia (just a couple of bus lines), and no commercial area to speak of near the airport. So it's probably only drive or take a taxi for you. If you're driving, Astoria, a mile or so west of the airport, is the largest Greek community on the east coast. Get on the Grand Central Parkway headed for Manhattan and get off before you reach the bridge at 31st St. 31st St. is easy to spot because the N/W subway runs over it. The area on the blocks around 31st St. has many Greek restaurants and cafes. These are all mostly casual, in the Greek style, and there have been a number of arguments here over the years over which, if any, of these places are really good. Do a search for "Astoria Greek" and you'll no doubt come up with a large number of recommendations.

            My personal favorites are Kyklades on Ditmars Blvd. (north of the freeway exit) near 33rd St. for fish, and Agananti in a park-like setting down by the river on Ditmars near 19th St. for mezes, etc., but this is further from the airport. Christo's steakhouse recommended above, which I've only been to once and found OK but quite pricy, is a more upscale Greek place even closer to the airport on 23rd Ave. near 41st St. You probably shouldn't even bother getting on the freeway if you go here, but just drive out of the west end of the airport near the rental car returns.

            I suppose you could also take a cab over to Astoria pretty inexpensively, but be warned that cab drivers often don't know outer borough neighborhoods very well (although several of them seem able to take a shortcut across Astoria when traffic is heavy). Yellow cabs are also few and far between on the streets out in the neighborhoods, so you may have to hail or call a local car service to get you back to LGA.

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            1. re: Woodside Al

              If you want to get and keep this client go to Cavo in Astoria, you don't feel like you are in Queens. Great Mediterranean food, beautiful restauarnt. Address: 42-18 31st Ave, (718) 721-1001

              1. re: debster

                caveat for cavo: opens at 5pm

              2. re: Woodside Al

                Thanks everyone for the help! I wandered into Astoria, found a place called "S'Apago" and had some awesome food. The Keftedakia meatballs with tadziki was awesome.

                Pork chops were very good, but the lemon roasted potatoes left a little to be desired.

                However it was great service, and the owner gave us free after dinner grappa.

                1. re: A Ron

                  I really like S'Agapo as well but it doesn't get much love on this board for some reason. Glad you enjoyed it!

                  1. re: biondanonima

                    Re: S'Agapo. The food is good but the service is very inconsistent. If it's a Saturday night and there are large parties forget about finding your own waiter. I also think they treat the locals differently if you get my drift. The best time to go is for Sunday brunch in the summer and sit outside. Stick to Agnanti or Mezzo Mezzo.