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Mar 4, 2008 01:59 PM

Poutine in RI?

Hi, anyone know of a good place to get REAL poutine in RI? And not at Stanley's, either - I love their burgers (best anywhere) but what they call Quebec fries is nothing at all like the real thing. Thanks!

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  1. Sorry I wish I could give you a place in RI for them. I am originally from Maine and had those alot if you are ever in Nashua NH Paisano's Pizza still serves them and they are the real gravy and canadian cheese not a concocted version and they are huge potions too.

    1. Anyone else know of a place in RI to get poutine? With all the Quebecois, there must be somewhere. I'm jonesing for some and know I won't find it here in DC but hope I can have some on an upcoming trip to RI. Thanks!

      1. Surely there is a little hole-in-the-wall in Woonsocket that serves poutine. That's where I'd be looking.

        Agreed about Stanley's. The key is the cheese. It's got to be cheese curds.

        1. Don't quote me on this one, but you might want to try the Castle Luncheonette in Woonsocket:

          Probably worth giving them a call before you head over there...

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            Thanks for the leads -- yes, I agree that Woonsocket would be a good place to look, and despite having grown up in RI and being part French-Canadian myself, I've never been there, so I'd like to go. I'll check out the Castle Luncheonette. Thanks again!

            1. re: dracisk

              I hate to disappoint, but I'm 99.9% sure that nobody in Woonsocket makes poutine (odd as that seems), and not the Castle. The Castle didn't even serve poutine back in the day (the 70s in my case) when I grew up eating their wonderful french fries.

          2. I haven't been to Stanley's, but I have had the poutine at the All Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge, MA and would order them again next time I'm in the area. There are a couple of places south of Boston that serve them. If you search the Boston board you can get information about them. Oh, and Gargoyles in Somerville, MA has been known to offer them on the bar menu.

            Rhody Dave, how do the Stanleys fries not measure up? I still might try them.

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            1. re: Blondie NE

              Blondie: the "Quebec-style" fries at Stanleys are made with shredded mozzarella instead of cheese curds. Shredded mozz is pretty tasteless, so we ended up with a tasteless dish of cheese fries. At least they don't call it RI-style poutine or something like that, because it's not close.

              You need those salty cheese curds!