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Where can I buy rabbit in Cambridge/Somerville area?

I had grand plans of cooking a rabbit ragout for a dinner party tomorrow, and then I found out that Mayflower won't have rabbit until later in the week. Is there any other place in the area where I can find fresh (or even frozen) rabbit?

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  1. I have seen fresh rabbit at Whole Foods in Wellesley- although not recently. I would call them in your area and ask.

    1. The butcher on Salem St. in the NorthEnd usually has rabbit. I've seen it at Market Basket in February. I'd try an Italian/Mediterranean market.

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        Sulmona in the North End also usually has some of the nicest freshest rabbit I have seen:

        Sulmona Meat Market
        32 Parmenter St,
        Boston - (617) 742-2791

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          the guys on salem only carry frozen rabbit.

          ming's also carries frozen and i usually see it at super 88 too.

        2. you can also try calling savenor's. not sure how long it'll take if they don't have it in stock

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            Second this. Savenors will probably have it.

          2. I think Fresh Pond Market on Huron Ave keeps it in their butcher freezer.

            1. I usually buy fresh from Mayflower, but when they do not have it Stop and Shop in towns with a larger Italian and Portuguese presence has it fresh (Stoneham, Malden and Medford tend to have it in that order of regularity). However, I haven't seen it at Twin Cities (shaws) and do not check the Stop and Shop on McGrath. Market Basket in Somerville sometimes has it in the upper part of the chicken display (usually to the right), but its far from a guaranteed option. McKinnon's has also been carrying it frozen at about half the price of any of the others, so I have used that to stock up, but make sure you go before closing and if its not out they can probably get it from the baserment freezer. You might be able to get it frozen from the Portuguese fish/butcher on Broadway in Somerville, but not certain. As mentioned Huron Market almost always has it frozen.

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                  Itaunas, I am unmasking you! Chowhounds, Itaunas is... **Elmer Fudd"**, hunting wabbits with persevewence!

                  Seriously, your post reminds me exactly why I love chowhound, even though I don't love rabbit itself!

                2. I always get it (for my cats) at McKinnon's in Davis Square.

                  1. I've never been to Savenor's and not seen rabbit, but I do question their supply of game versus the neighborhood's demand. I bought some nasty quail there one time, and a lot of the more expensive beef often (by my visual estimate) has about a week post-portioning on it.

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                      I think Savenor's is hurting lately. They are now opening two hours later in the mornings, and I've noticed they have a low-turnover problem with their produce, which has been looking kind of ratty, and you've noticed low-turnover with the meats. You should definitely mention these problems. They are probably still trying to cope with changes in demand and haven't gotten their supply adjusted properly yet. They can't be in total denial given that they cut back their store hours. I hope they survive, despite their outrageous mark-ups, because they're convenient for me and offer many things you can't find (almost) anywhere else.

                    2. I am student in Boston FINALLY with my own kitchen. I went to buy rabbit for the first time recently and was a little shocked at how expensive it was in comparison to what I had been used to back home. I am not sure if it was the butcher or maybe it is more expensive here, but could you guys give me an idea of the price range for rabbit in boston

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                        It can be expensive in Boston just cause it is somewhat of an exotic item for around here.

                        I have seen it anywhere from $3-5 per pound generally. If you check the various butchers in the North End some of them have it for reasonable $ at times.

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                          The usual going rate is around $4.99/lb, which is what Mayflower generally sells their fresh rabbit for. You can plan to spend $15-20. Stop and Shop in Italian neighborhoods (Medford, Malden...) generally is around that price, as is Market Basket (not all MBs, not always -- Chelsea and Somerville regularly, but not always). McKinnon's in Davis put frozen rabbit on sale from time to time and I have seen head-on rabbit really inexpensive at Super88, but they usually sell around the $5 mark. There are specialty offerings, which can be as expensive as $13/lb. I usually buy some frozen on sale and use Mayflower for a fancier dinner, as Striper says Sulmona and others are a good option...

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                            Some PETA person will probably not be pleased, but I see so many rabbits these days along the Charles River and even on my walks through Watertown and Belmont that I swear I am tempted to start carrying a sling shot ;-).

                        2. Just thought I'd mention, if you just want to eat rabbit, not cook it, The Blue Room regularly features it on their menus (they have it now).

                          Growing up on it (we raised them ourselves), I've always been disappointed how hard it is to find in Boston groceries.

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                            On that note (eating not cooking) I recently had DIVINE braised rabbit as part of the "Rites of Spring" menu at Lumiere.

                            Then I had not-so divine rabbit at KO Prime.

                            ...can hardly wait to get back to Lumiere!!!

                          2. One of my alltime favorite signs was on the market at the corner of N. Harvard and Cambridge Streets: "Bonoless Rabbits." I assumed that was a comment about U2. Hung there for years, until the place was renovated. I believe still have rabbits, bonoless or not.

                            1. I've actually seen rabbit at the Allston/Brighton Stop and Shop.

                              1. I have seen rabbit at Stop & Shop. It is usually in the case in front of the butcher's window.Also you might try Tonys Market in Roslindale.

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                                  also seen it, with or without bono, at Sherman Market in Union Sq, Somerville.

                                  Sherman Market
                                  22 Union Square, Somerville, MA 02143