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Mar 4, 2008 01:31 PM

original joe's tenderloin

as an occasional visitor to SF now, and a some time ago regular visitor, i was deeply disappointed to see this, one of my favorite food/entertainment venues ,closed. (if you have to ask the entertainment value,.....) any word on if and when it might reopen? or has yet another san francisco landmark bit the dust?
thank you

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  1. I have not heard any news on when it will reopen, although I am sure it will at some point this year.

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    1. re: DavidT

      I used to work across the street at TNDC and I'd look forward to Thursday's Corned Beef Brisket Special. With the onset of the holiday, I can't think of any place to rival OJ's take on that succulent piece of mick cuisine.

      1. re: dartinbout

        Marin Joe's has corned beef as their Thursday special.

        I haven't tried it yet, but it looked mighty fine sitting on someone else's plate.

        1. re: Sharuf

          Westlake Joe's has a terrific corned beef special on Thursday as well...and you have a choice of "point or flat" cut...(fatty or leaner)

            1. re: dartinbout

              "Well how about in S.F."...what? Is there a question there that I've missed?
              Westlake Joe's is a couple a hundred feet away from the S.F. border. in most normal sized cities it would definitely fall this what you are referring to?

              1. re: dartinbout

                Of the numerous other New / Original / Marina Joe's that once dotted SF (New, Original, Marina), the only one currently in business is:

                Little Joe's
                1106 Market St, San Francisco, CA

      2. They had a fire, I am almost positive they plan on re-opening. They have another location in San Jose if you feel like driving and really need that fix.

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Interesting, I didn't know that. Is the menu and quality of the food the same?

            1. re: virtualguthrie

              The menu's similar though not identical. I think Original Joe's in SF was the only one with an in-house butcher.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I heard that before the fire, things had changed since the original owner, in his 90's died. Heard they no longer cut the meat there (they used to).

        1. Marin Joe's is not connected but it's excellent and a decent choice until SF Joe's reopens. On 101 North, Corte Madera.

          1. I wouldn't lay big money on this venue re-opening any time in the future. Marie was becoming very much less active in the operation, and the son & daughter have other primary interests. Shame - food was never that great but I liked it nonetheless, and I hate to see those old, old waiters out on the street...

            1. As a student at Hastings, Original Joe's filled the tummy a few times over the years. Nope, not a place for the gourmand but it filled a niche. I hope it reopens too and I have to say aside from being hungry if I was ever bored [from studying some inane legal construct] heading over to Original Joe's provided "entertainment" that you could find NOWHERE else and if you told anyone they wouldn't believe you.

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              1. re: FoodieDoc

                "'I always wanted to eat there,' Larry Edmond, who lives in a nearby residential hotel, said wistfully as he watched the fire crews. Heavily bearded, he wore a woman's pink wig and sleigh bells on his wrists."