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Mar 4, 2008 01:26 PM

Lazy Susan Broken

The lazy susan in the corner cabinet has broken and I don't have the option of taking off the counter top and replacing it. I am just thinking about hacksawing the center pole and pull out the entire unit. What other options are there? I was just thinking about putting it an "L" shaped shelf. I will probably get more storage out of the cabinet now. Any other options? Thanks, Rich

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  1. The shelves on your lazy susan should have set screws to fasten them to the center pole. You should be able to loosen these screws, drop the shelves to the bottom & unscrew the top pole bracket. Do the reverse for the bottom bracket. Then you can pull the pole out through the door then turn the shelves to a position to come out through the door. That's the way it should work.

    1. hi, Rich, i have one of those, too. How did it break?

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        HI Chuckl, The plastic ring that holds up the top shelf cracked and now the top rests on the bottom shelf. The company says they have a fix so let's see what happens when I get the part. They are sending it for free. It's made by Rev-a-shelf.

      2. Take a look at hardware at Lee Valley, they have replacements as well as hardware that might substitute.