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Mar 4, 2008 01:20 PM

El Chavo - Boarded-up

Saw it boarded-up on Sunday. I hope they're just remodeling.

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  1. As I hear it, new owners and a re-model, but, unfortunately, not changing the menu.

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    1. re: rednyellow

      That re-model's been going on for a while. I hear there might be minor changes to the menu and that the reason for not changing the menu is concern over complaints from regular customers. As bad as the food is, people like what they're used to!

    2. Hi, We were just there Friday night (I think they have the best margaritas in LA, great soup & very good food). The main area was closed, but the side room (which I'd never known existed) was open.

      1. Yes, Melanie Tusquellas, owner of the Edendale Grill, bought El Chavo about 3-4 months ago, and is remodeling it, bringing it up to code, and yet hopefully not ruining the ambiance that had been a part of the previous ownership forever.
        As to the food, only time will tell.

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        1. re: carter

          Edendale makes lousy food, it sad to see they will be doing the same at El Chavo.

          1. re: carter

            One nice thing Melanie has done is take over the space next door and open a second smaller bar & dining room. She says she will eventually be changing the menu. And with regard to the food at Edendale, it has gotten quite a bit better in the last 6 months, although I find the menu somewhat limited.

            1. re: lotta_cox

              Edendale was awful one month ago for brunch.

              1. re: rednyellow

                interesting. i went there for mother's day brunch and it was really tasty. that's too bad.

          2. What's the latest on the Chavo? Has the whole place re-opened? Has the charm survived intact?

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            1. re: Organ Leroy

              I was there a bit ago, seems they missed the mark. The food was about the same but the dining room is "redecorated" The old bar still has the neon sombreros. I haven't been over to the new bar side. I think I recognized the waiters from before. Too bad they couldn't have changed the menu and kept the dining room.

              1. re: rednyellow

                Thanks for the update. This is too bad because I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant. Could you be more specific on how the dining room has changed? More modern, brighter?...please, no.

                1. re: love2eat

                  I just remember the east wall was covered in some sort of barn-esque pine planks and different lighting. The north walll, what used to be tables has a tiny stage in the corner, I think thats what I saw.

              2. re: Organ Leroy

                Hi -- what's the latest? I just tried to call to ask about an El Chavo/Tiki-Ti birthday gathering in a couple of weeks and got an automated "This number has been disconnected" message. I live down in Playa del Rey, so swinging by to check the status really isn't an option. Thanks!

                1. re: Vic Arpeggio

                  El Chavo is in fact remodeling, but they are open. We went last week and the boards were there and the Tiki-Ti also appeared to be going strong. There is a separate entrance to a second bar now, just west of the normal entrance.

                  In case you are wondering, the food is the same gut bomb fare as before the new ownership. I keep hoping that they will update the menu a little, but I suppose I am happy as long as I can worship at the Dolly Parton shrine and enjoy the day-glo sombreros.

              3. OK, I could be way offbase here: The former Panda Cave on the west side of Westwood Blvd. just north of Santa Monica Blvd. which later became a branch of Cheng Du (the former Chung King originally and still on Pico) now has a new sign up. I thought it was something like "El Chazo" but it certainly could be "El Chavo" Grill or something...

                In that little slot with an Indonesian restaurant, just north of Sunnin...