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Gourmet Dining in Kingston Ontario

finefoodfriend Mar 4, 2008 01:19 PM

Overnighting in Kingston soon and wondering where to go for a delicious dinner and breakfast. We know about Chez Piggy (mixed reviews), have been to Atomica for (salty) pizza about 2 years ago and Luigis has been recommended to us by some friends.
Anyone know how the above places are these days or have some other interesting suggestions? International, French, eclectic, funky, as long as the food is tasty!

  1. pinstripeprincess Mar 4, 2008 01:39 PM

    does chien noir still exist? heart stopping french food that i found rather salty. i know they've changed the menu since i've been there a few years back.

    luke's is the new "it" spot in kingston as far as i can tell. look up stories about their 15 yr old chef.

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    1. re: pinstripeprincess
      finefoodfriend Mar 5, 2008 07:07 AM

      I found Chien Noir's website and their menu has some great choices so that's a definite maybe. Intersting story about Luke's. I think he is 17 now.

    2. l
      lolly1 Mar 4, 2008 03:22 PM

      We ate at the Kingston Brewing Company last summer. It is funky but not exactly gourmet dining. Mostly burgers, ribs, wings etc. We enjoyed their beer and our kid liked their house rootbeer. It was very lively and fun.

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      1. re: lolly1
        professor plum Mar 4, 2008 03:28 PM

        A good standby is Woodenheads on Ontario Street. It has great thin crust pizza from a wood fire oven. Their chocolate pear calzone for dessert is heavenly. I like breakfast at Windmills on Princess Street. I wouldn't necessarily call either "gourmet" but they both have great food and a great atmosphere.

        1. re: professor plum
          finefoodfriend Mar 5, 2008 07:00 AM

          We love thin crust pizza and it seems that Woodenheads has been recommended on other posts

        2. re: lolly1
          msprnt Mar 5, 2008 07:26 AM

          the kingston brewery is nice! they have decent pub food and they even have a small curling rink outside (it might have been horseshoes or shuffleboard).... i think it was curling, but it coulda been something else ....

          i woulda played with the old folks there, but i was in a rush to get somewhere

        3. z
          zoohort2 Mar 4, 2008 04:37 PM

          Lukes is amazing! Website: http://lukesgastronomy.com/

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          1. re: zoohort2
            finefoodfriend Mar 5, 2008 07:02 AM

            Wow. Took a look at the website and Luke's does look very impressive!

          2. m
            msprnt Mar 5, 2008 07:36 AM

            grecos is pretty good for greek food on princess st.... i'm not a picky eater, so i'm usually fine with anything .. but i've heard stories of how a friend's sister would drive all the way to kingston just to eat at grecko's ... and not visit her brother.... hahah

            they have a grecko's takeout a quick walk from the mcdonald's on princess st. too ... a block to the northwest...

            1. m
              missyoulikegravy Mar 5, 2008 03:48 PM

              I would do Chez Piggy or Woodenhead's. The Kingston Brew Pub is great for a pint and some pub grub, but if you are looking for something slightly more upscale, I highly recommend those.

              1. c
                craisin Mar 6, 2008 05:42 AM

                Curry Original has excellent Indian food (better than anything I've had in Toronto), and has a nice atmosphere. It's always busy, so reservations are recommended.

                Pan Chancho, the sister bakery to Chez Piggy, makes a delicious pain au chocolat. There's a sit-down cafe, or you can get their baked goods to go.

                Curry Original
                253A Ontario St, Kingston, ON K7L2Z4, CA

                Pan Chancho Bakery & Caf
                44 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L1A4, CA

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                1. re: craisin
                  Paradoxifl Aug 13, 2008 09:41 AM

                  I'd have to disagree about Curry Original and any Indian place in Kingston.
                  Lived there for 3 years, and found everything overpriced and underspiced. But I am spoiled for Indian, being from Scarborough.

                2. c
                  coffeecup Mar 10, 2008 07:58 AM

                  Aroma on Ontario Street ..unique tapas style tasting menu- amazing mains ... small sampling glasses of wine OPEN KITCHEN ..you will not be disappointed .

                  1. a
                    all_you_can_eat Mar 10, 2008 08:19 PM

                    Le Chein noir I like http://www.lechiennoir.com/, stayed at the rosemount inn with some friends awesome dining experience, two tasting menus to choose from...expensive but very worth it and full gourmet breakfast! http://www.rosemountinn.com/

                    1. finefoodfriend Mar 11, 2008 11:28 AM

                      Called Chien Noir and they could not accommodate the 5 of us on a Sat. night but it turned out that the big storm changed our plans at the last minute. So we went to Woodenheads for Sun. lunch and boy were we impressed with the pizzas! the dough was thin & crisp on the outside but still soft & chewy and the choice of toppings were amazing. The Nonna Mela sounded strange with apple butter, cheddar garlic onions but even my fussy 13 year old loved it. It may be the best gourmet pizza in Ontario.
                      Thanks for all of your suggestions. I'm sure they will help other chowhounders. Chien Noir and Lukes will be on our list the next time we're in Kingston.

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                      1. re: finefoodfriend
                        veronaraven Jun 22, 2008 11:04 AM

                        Woodenheads by NYC pizza standards isnt even close. Chien Noir is a good bistro...actually very good. Darbar has my pick for best Indian in Kingston.

                        Best fish-n-chips is at the Pilot House. Ever eat smoked cod fish and chips? British batter, great fries and its ALL fried in beef lard...yum!

                        1. re: veronaraven
                          finefoodfriend Aug 4, 2008 01:19 PM

                          Well that depends on what kind of pizza you like. Our experience at Woodenheads was right up our alley as far as pizza goes. And Kingston is a lot closer than NYC.

                      2. p
                        Paradoxifl Aug 13, 2008 09:44 AM

                        I agree with people about Woodenheads. The Nonna Mella is a one-of-a-kind find because apple butter is only made in SW Ontario (apparently), and not many cooks use it.
                        For what you pay, Woodenheads is definitely the best bang for buck in Kingston - other than Swiss Chalet.
                        Pilot House...blech.
                        Greco's...decently priced and generous.

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