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Mar 5, 2002 07:15 PM

Romance help

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OK, I know you're all tired of romance posts after Valentine's day, but I really need some help on finding a place to ask my girl a big question.

I've got 3 places in mind, 1. Bel Air Hotel, 2. Four Oaks, and 3. Saddle Peak Lodge. Of the three, I've only been to Saddle Peak, but that was a few years ago. What I'm looking for is:
1. A table where we aren't sitting too close to those around us (heck, I'm gonna be nervous enough already, without worrying about having an audience. 2. A romantic setting obviously, 3. Great service (attentive and helpful, but not too obtrusive). 4. good food would be a plus too, but on this night its gonna have to take a little bit of back seat.

I've read a lot of posts from people who advocate the Bel Air Hotel, but I'm a litte worried it might be a little to "foo-foo" for us.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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    My husband and I got engaged at Beaurivage which was lovely.

    However, I think Melisse would be absolutely perfect! Ask for one of the booths along the perimiter of the restaurant. They are spacious and also very private feeling. When we ate their for our anniversary, I honestly don't remember hearing or seeing anyone in the booths surrounding us.

    Have a lovely evening and much happiness to the new couple!
    It's a little fru-fru, but not stuffy. You can even make your reservation via


    1. My vote is the Bel Air. I did not perceive it as too foo foo, just incredibly romantic.

      1. I might be biased, but I think the Bel Air Hotel is an excellent choice. I proposed to my wife there a few years back and it was almost perfect.

        The Hotel and its grounds are gorgeous. You might want to check it out before you make a decision. Even if you don't pop the question there, it is worth a trip. You wouldn't even think that you were in a city.

        The restaurant has an inside and outside. The outside patio is definately the way to go. The food is excellent as is the service. It is generally less crowded and more intimate than most restaurants in LA because it is not trendy and a little harder to get to.

        My only complaint was that they have several tables that are set off by themselves overlooking a little pond that are the perfect little romantic nooks. I specifically asked for one of these tables when I made the reservation. I was told that they couldn't guarantee that we could be seated in one, but they would try. I asked again when I got there and was told that they were being held for someone else. I didn't want to make a stink so we took an inferior table and then I silently fumed as the table that I wanted stayed empty the entire night.

        Despite that minor glitch, I cannot think of a better restaurant in LA to spend a romantic evening.

        Good luck!

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          The setting is very romantic and Hotel Bel Air would be very nice. I personally will not go back there because the do engage in alot of the elitist, holier than thou, nose in the air, snobbish behavior. The table sitting empty all night is just par for the course. I spend my money where I am appreciated and treated like a guest. Of the places you mentioned, Saddle Peak has the least attitude but how romantic is it to propose among dead animal heads? Fenix has recently become my favorite restaurant. The patio with the breath taking view and the dining room with its Art Deco decor are great. The food is spectacular. We always have Alex as our server. It is also fun to look at the pictures of Fanny Brice, Gloria Swanson era celebs. in the lobby. You can't go too far wrong at Melisse either. It is about the same price as Bel Air but without the attitude. Also without the romantic setting.

        2. I second the nod for the Bel Air patio. If you feel constrained at the table, you could always walk on the grounds by the pond with the swan to ask the question. Another romantic choice would be Il Cielo but unless it's a slow night, the tables are kinda close. Just occurred to me the patio at Fenix at the Argyle is nice looking out over the city lights and when I was there the tables were well spaced.

          1. Everyone is right! The previous suggestions are fantastic and I've been to all of them many times but I really have to go with Michael's in SM because the Garden is just too special to miss and I was there in my Tux with the F&W Society about 3 months ago when someone proposed and Oh my....... what happiness. Second choice is Bel Air but it won't be as special, God knows my friend that got married there 5 years ago is now divorced. Go to Fenix for the View and food, not the bent knee thing.

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              I wish I has thought of Michael's garden. That is the perfect place. Good luck. I love the Steak Frites.