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Mar 4, 2008 01:06 PM

Seeking Great Moroccan in Detroit/Ann Arbor

Any suggestions?


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  1. I don't know about strictly Moroccan, there are lots of middle eastern in Detroit. As for Ann Arbor, I have always been partial to La Shish on Carpenter and Washtenow. But there should be better ones in Detroit itself.

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    1. re: Phaedrus

      Just an FYI, La Shish is closed. There are a few posts on the topic.

      Sorry, I can't help on the Moroccan. I know it is a different cuisine than what is available in the Arabic restaurants in the area.

      1. re: rweater

        No, the Ann Arbor La Shish is still open--it wasn't affiliated with the chain. Don't think they have any Moroccan food, though.

        1. re: Jim M

          It was, but the owners got themselves out of the chain and renamed it Charlie's LaShish.

          So what are the differences between Moroccan and middle eastern outside of the tangine(sp?)?

          1. re: Phaedrus

            The staple Moroccan starch is couscous, onto which they put meats and vegetables that have different spices than the ones Mideast Arabs use--and they do like to use dried fruit. Great stuff if you can get it. There are Moroccans in this area--one of them should open a restaurant.

    2. It's a tough one--somebody should start one. It's a cuisine distinct from others in the Arabic world, and I love it when I can get it. Mediterrano in Ann Arbor has had a Moroccan dish or two when I've been in there.

      1. There is a serious lack of Moroccan and Middle Eastern food in Ann Arbor. Charlie's La Shish or whatever its called is terrible. Overpriced for mediocore food. It has this terrible Orientalist atmosphere IMO.

        You may want to check Dearborn. If you are looking for Middle Eastern/Arab food in the Ann Arbor area, definately try Exotic Bakery and Cuisine. I hate their name, but the food is the BEST. They specialize in Syrian cuisine and its a small mom and pop owned place with a big glass case where you pick the food from. They make their own baklava and pastries which are amazing.

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        1. re: indivara

          Went and tried the Exotic Bakery place because of your recommendation (disappointed, it was not amazing), and because I checked out their website which said they had pastilla (moroccan bisteeya, which I love). I work in Dearborn, go to New Yasmeen Bakery all the time, none of the baked goods here were as good as anything at New Yas. The pastilla only had cumin and saffron, missing the cayenne or harisa, missing other spices, and missing the powdered sugar! You can't even call it pastilla without powdered sugar, just a chicken pie with a lot of cumin. Pastry was too heavy and doughy, not light enough, definitely not worth a 30 minute drive, plus I spent 44 dollars for just a few things, for that price I would have gotten more than twice as much food at New Yas, and better quality, and more selection.

        2. Although a bit more of a drive, a Moroccan place has recently opened in Toledo. I believe it is in the Oliver House, a historic downtown building. We haven't been but heard good things from friends.