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Mar 4, 2008 12:50 PM

Public Scotch Tastings in Toronto

I'm looking for a place to send my crazy singles enthusiast father for his birthday. He already knows his stuff, and has over 100 varieties in his collection. I have looked into the scotch tasting society, but their website states that they are no longer taking new members.

Any help is greatly appreciated...

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  1. Feathers on Kingston Road does them occassionally. I don't know how often though.

    1. Perhaps *Spirit of Toronto 2008* would do the trick. It takes place Saturday, May 8th at Roy Thomson Hall.

      1. The LCBO does great tastings (I went to a terrific port and cheese tasting a fews months ago). Looks like there's a single malt tasting coming up at the Summerhill location on May 21st:

        However, I wonder whether it might be too basic for your dad?

        Looks like there's a more advanced on at Bayview Village on April 28th:

        Good luck!!

        1. There is a monthly tasting that my husband goes to. The March one is on Mar 25 at the Albany Club. You can find out the details from Ed Patrick the organizer. His email is

          1. Fynn's of Temple bar regularily holds Scotch Tasting nights. I believe the next one is March 31. I have the contact info for the expert if you need it, though I think you're probably better off just calling the bar for more details.

            Nos sure which Scotch Tasting Society you contacted, but I would recommend The Companions of the Quaich, who as far as I'm aware are still accepting new members.

            They regularly hold tastings for their members, and also run some ones which are open to the public.

            edit: should note that the person Cecilia mentioned above, Ed Patrick, is the president of the Companions of the Quaich, and an all around great guy. Highly recommended. He recently conducted a private tasting for a group of 20 of us and the whole experience was top-notch.

            edit edit: Ed, and the Companions, do private orders so they have access to a ton of single malts that are difficult to come by and definitely not at the LCBO. If your father is a hardcore singles fan, I'd recommend going through the Companions.