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Decent Late night eats

I couldn't find anything recent on this topic. Was out late last week and went home hungry around 130am. This never was a good town for eating late and it only got worse post-K. Delachaisse kitchen closes at midnight. Hoshun is open till 2, but menu is abbreviated. Suggestion please.

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  1. Cafe Du Monde. Delachaise was my other suggestion but you out-partied their hours.

    1. Mimi's tapas in the Marigny-- kitchen open until 4 am.

      Cheese fries at F&M's?

      1. Cooter Brown's kitchen closes at 2:00, I believe.

        1. Le Bon Temps kitchen stays open pretty late

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            We tried to eat Le Bon Ton recently and they wouldn't let us in w/o paying the cover. FYI.

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              Cover? Was it during MG? Normally they don't have a cover. I think they only times they do are during MG and maybe Jazzfest, all other times of the year it is free.

          2. Ah, how could I have forgotten to include St. Charles Tavern!?!

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              I don't care for St Charles Tavern... It's always loud as hell and the servers and bartenders just seem cracked out, not to mention the sort of below average food. I've been digging the hell out of Hoshun lately - I tell you what people, if that place fails it will be a shame. I wish the sushi bar was open 'til two, but unless people start going there more that ain't gonna happen.
              I agree with the Mimi's fans - best tapas in town, and they make everything they can from scratch. What the hell ever happened to La Peniche?

            2. Mimi's in the Marigny.

              1. Dough Bowl (adjacent to the Boot) for a slice or two

                1. I'm not sure how late the Bulldog kitchen is open, but they have really good bar food.

                  Balcony is always an option. They have good pizza.

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                    The bulldog and the balcony kitchen close around midnight.

                  2. You can get awesome quesadillas or burgers till 5:00am at F&Ms
                    St Charles Tavern has awesome late night eats 24 hours
                    Igors has a great bloody mary and late night eats

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                      13 Monaghan at 517 Frenchman is open 10am to 3M, they have a web site with menu and

                      Yuki Izakaya in the back of Cafe Brasil 525 Frenchman