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Where to buy fresh (or frozen uncooked) eels?

The ones at my local 99 Ranch are all frozen and pre-cooked. I don't want pre-cooked. Ideally I'd like whole, gutted eels -- I want to cook them in caramel sauce.

So where do I get eels? I'm in OC.

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      Eels in a small ceramic or clay pot with bitter caramel sauce, fish sauce, brown sugar, salt and pepper, garlic and onions.... YUM.

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Okay! Now I'm getting the picture...umm...taste!

    2. That might be a tall order. I've seen whole smoked eel at Quality Seafood in Redondo, and I believe they smoke everything in house. If that's the case, they should be able to get you a whole wriggler.

      1. I've seen them fresh a few weeks ago at the Korean Supermarket on Olympic near Vermont.

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          Yes, exactly! I was going to mention the Korean market in the mall on Olympic and Western as well.

          1. re: aliris

            Second that one, I've seen fresh-looking (it may have been previously frozen and thawed) eel there occasionally.

        2. The first place I would look is at Hawaii Supermarket, a massive Chinese supermarket at 120 East Valley (and Del Mar) in San Gabriel in the SGV. I went there for the first time a week ago and could not believe how big it was; bigger than any 99 Ranch market or any other Asian supermarket I've seen. They had live turtles for eating, so it wouldn't surprise me if they had live eels too; or at the very least, frozen, uncooked eels.

          I'll probably go there again within a week or so and will report back.

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            If you are going to broaden the scope to include the SGV then I will throw in Hong Kong Supermarket on Garfiled, just north of Garvey.

            I spotted them in the tank just yesterday, kicking and screaming.

            127 N Garfield Ave.
            Monterey Park



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              Hawaii Super Market
              120 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776

            2. Hong Kong Supermarket or Seafood Paradise (Rosemead). See my new post, but you might want to call. I saw them the first time I went to Seafood Paradise live in the tank, but they didn't have it last week.

              1. That Hawaii Market is so f'ing dope... as in good... as in the place is a total heaven if you are cheffy. I drive from Venice once a month and grab a Banh Mi and an iced coffee down the st. at Mr, Lee's for the ride home. Any protein with a heartbeat they have most fresh and crazy cheap. Nice produce too. Note: If you wind up grabbing a 50 lb durian, haul it home it in the trunk.

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                  Next time go to Banh Mi Che Cali and enjoy a better banh mi :)

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                    :::Chuckling::: quite agree with you about Hawaii about assortment and good price. However, the quality of their meat, pork or beef, leaves much to be desired but their green section is amazing. The last time I looked into their frozen case, they had frozen armadillo and bull pizzle. I've also seen fresh eels there. My gig is to walk half a block down to Saigon Deli (?) on Valley towards San Gabriel Blvd for a durian or avocado slurpee for about $3. Hawaii, for a while had a frozen coconut with gel that is excellent. It tastes like the best fresh young coconut one might find in the tropics, the kind whose meat melts in your mouth. Coconut aficionados will know what I mean. As Hawaii was selling it for less than $2 each while Filipino stores sold them closer to $3, I'm not surprised H's stock has been depleted. I'm hoping they restock soon.