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Mar 4, 2008 12:48 PM

5th Ave Park Slope Italian

I've passed many casual Italian restaurants on 5th Ave and have never stopped in to taste. Has anyone had a recent experience with any of these - Aunt Suzie's, Peperoncino, Mulino, La Villa? Obviously Al Di La is the gem of 5th Ave Italian, but these seem more casual. Thanks!

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  1. la villa is solid for brick oven pizza but i dont really go for anything else there. i used to go to the one in mill basin growing up and remember the food was okay but i was 16 at the time.

    pepperoncino...been there 2x...not for awhile though. very mediocre in my opinion.

    id much rather go to al di la or tempo for the prix fixe.

    1. Mulino used to be my favorite Southern Italian place in the neighborhood. We went back recently and it is still very good for what it is -- uncomplicated, unpretentious hearty southern italian fare. However, I don't know why, but the place declined ever so slightly after the old co-owner left (we're talking probably like 4 years back by this time).

      Even still, I do like Mulino, although generally its an order in type of place lately. But definitely worth a try if you like that old-fashioned type of cuisine (which I love).

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      1. re: elecsheep9

        Didn't like Peperoncino AT ALL.

        The place looks great on the inside and I wanted to like it but the food was totally underwhelming and they brought a bottle of wine with a similar name but dissimilar price to our table. Sure it was unintentional but I had to catch it. Not returning.

        1. re: greenermjr

          I think Peperoncino is good for pizza's (not Franny's level, but still quite tasty).

          I don't know that I've ever gotten any entrees other than that. And still, I haven't been there since at least last summer.

          1. re: elecsheep9

            I agree re Peperoncino's pizza -- definitely satisfies my pizza craving at a reasonable price.

      2. Al Di La is surprisingly casual. If you sit at the main restaurant its much louder and brighter. Why settle for something not as good for only a few blocks less? Head to Amorina or Franny's in Prospect Heights if you want something more casual.

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        1. re: ginsbera

          I don't think its fair to compare Al Di La to Mulino or Mangia or places of that ilk. Although they are all, ostensibly, "Italian places", Al Di La is definitely a different style of Italian (northern/venetian), than the more traditional New York Southern Italian "red sauce" joints.

          If I am in the mood for chicken rollatina or marsala or parmagiana or other "classic italian-american" dishes, I would never even think of going to Al Di La because that type of dish simply cannot be had there.

          1. re: elecsheep9

            very much agreed, not a fair comparison. If you just want pasta with red sauce Al Di La is not the place (try Amorina), but if you just want some Italian flavor and don't care if it is high/low brow then definitely Al Di La.

            I've heard decent things about Sette Enoteca and Scotadio also

            1. re: ginsbera

              I have had only good experiences at Scottadtio (especially the unlimited mimosa brunch special which is a steal), but have been reluctant to try Sette based on word of mouth.

              1. re: elecsheep9

                So what type of word do you need to try a place?

                1. re: Peter Cuce

                  sette sucks. word.

                  slim pickings around here tho.

                2. re: elecsheep9

                  Service is great @ Scottaditto

                  We had a large engagement party there and were very well taken care of and the food was pretty good. Had a great pork chop (slightly oversalted) when we had a trial for the party.

          2. We ate at Tempo last night for the first time, mainly on the advice of Chowhound. Appetizers and service were great, but each of the main courses contained far far too much sugar. I could only eat about three bites of pasta. I will not go back, which is too bad because they had a lot of other things right.

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            1. re: lmac

              "each of the main courses contained far far too much sugar. I could only eat about three bites of pasta."

              Funny. There have been occasional complaints of oversalted food ( but this is the first time I've ever seen a comment about too much sugar.

              1. re: Bob Martinez

                too much sugar in pasta? Who's been confusing the sugar and salt dishes in the kitchen?

              2. re: lmac

                Ugh. I've had that happen but not for a very long time. Disgusting.

              3. Personally, if you're looking for Italian-American food (or traditional Italian food in America) I'd go for Mulino. La Villa is fine, but I think it's ambiance sucks and unless you're bringing your under 4 year old kids, don't even attempt to go anytime before 7.30 or 8PM. Aunt Suzies is super cheap, but you get what you pay for. Peperoncino is totally overpriced. Go only for a pizza. Al di La is really delish (obviously), but I understand what you are saying about "causal". I'd say Mulino is your best bet. We haven't gone back to Mangia since my husband had a major stomach issue the day after we ate there. amy @