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Mar 5, 2002 06:07 PM

Lebanese grocery stores in Los Angeles?

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Please tell me the name and address of any Lebanese grocery store you know of.

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  1. There's a bunch of Armenian grocery stores on Hollywood Blvd from Western eastward to just past Normandie, and on Santa Monica (Bezjian's). The Armenians there are mostly from Lebanon and will carry many Lebanese products.

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    1. re: Jerome

      There are a couple of excellent groceries and kebab shops on Hill in Altadena-- I think but am not positive they are Lebanese.

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        One of these is Sahag Basturma, at Sunset and Kingsley. The basturma (a kind of dried, cured beef redolent with various Middle Eastern spices) is very good, and you can ask for lean. They also stock Lebanese groceries, baked goods and other items.

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        Vanessa On The Town

        Just tried Lebanese Kitchen in Pasadena over the weekend. Really, really good and affordable. We had one order of the lamb and one combination (chicken, beef and schwarma) order. Both came with rice, tabouli and a grilled whole roma tomato. All of it was very good. The meat was excellent in flavor. We also ordered the yogurt sauce with cucumber and mint. They gave us, what seemed like, an entire package of pita bread with our order too. Another yogurt sauce was offered on the menu that has, I think, garlic in it. I can't remember for sure.

        I recommend highly. Sorry, I don't have the address.

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          I was out there last Sat night looking for a place to eat and thought of going there. To my surprise they were closed. Do you happen to know the hours of operation? The area seemed rather deserted.

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            Vanessa On The Town

            Sorry to say, I don't know the hours. I was babysitting for a friend and just got food to go, based on her recommendation. It was a Saturday night, but it is Pasadena, so they probably just close early.

            Good Luck!!

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