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Mar 4, 2008 11:30 AM

Sliced Potato Encrusted Fish

Looking for a recipe to create a main dish with Halibut or similar fish encrusted with sliced potatoes. The potatoes are placed on the fish to appear as "scales"

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  1. Check some of the recipes websites. I had a similar dish in the 90s at Le Cirque in NY: sliced potato encrusted Chilean Sea Bass served in a Barolo wine reduction. Yum!

    1. Giada deLaurentis did a version of this on tv yesterday.

      If the link doesn't work, the recipe is called Tilapia with Purple Potato Crust and Chive Rosemary Oil.

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        Thanks...what is not clear is how to get the potatoes to stick to the fish. I guess I will have to watch the show.

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          When I saw the dish being made at Le Cirque during one of the challenges on Top Chef it appeared that the contestant just tightly wrapped the filet with the potato. I think the moisture and starch created a natural glue.

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            Yes, that was Daniel Boulud's dish when he was exec chef at Le Cirque. He admits getting the idea from Paul Bocuse in his kitchen outside of Lyons in France several years before. MR Bocuse used pototoes like scales. Boulud changed it

            "''My idea came from Paul Bocuse,'' says Daniel Boulud of Le Cirque, who spent four days in Mr. Bocuse's kitchen outside of Lyons in France several years ago. ''Roger Jaloux, the chef under Mr. Bocuse, said he wanted me to taste something. He made for lunch in the kitchen a fish fillet covered with thin little circles of potatoes that looked like scales. I liked the concept, the crisp potatoes with the red-wine sauce, but it was so time-consuming - he had apprentices doing that the whole day!''

            Back in his own kitchen, Mr. Boulud experimented with the idea, using long oval slices of potatoes instead of tiny circles, making a more pungent wine sauce, adding leeks. He also tried various kinds of fish fillets until he found one that had the right texture and thickness so that when the potatoes were cooked outside, the fillet inside would be just right."

            Interesting read on the topic with a recipe


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            I watched Giada's show and she didn't do anything to make the potatoes stick. It was pretty obvious (to me) that the fish and potatoes didn't stick together and her food stylist probably had to do some fudging before the final dish was shown.

            I thought the technique used in Top Chef would be much more successful.

        2. I think I've seen this technique in the book that Jaque Pepin and Julia Child did together. Their version is probably a little simpler aesthetically. It looked beautiful, though.

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            Thanks to all for the input. I happen to check on the internet and found this topic was previously discussed on chowhound between May 26 and May 31, 2007. Looks like I can now see what works...thanks again.