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Mar 4, 2008 11:18 AM

Pupettas in Goldsboro?

Anybody eat at this place yet,,suppose to be quite authentic Italian,,,and downtown whicjh allways gives a place a little charm

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  1. My brother testifies mightily about this place - (he likes the penne with vodka sauce.) Dining there a while back, the gent at the next table said that the dinner was better than anyplace he could find in Aspen, where he regularly vacations. Similar testimony from my other brother when he's in town for business. (They also have a pizza joint in their old location on William Street, good pies.) Ask for Robert's recommendations.

    1. Yes, but I've only been there for lunch and the food was outstanding. I have had nothing but terrific food. Even the cheesesteaks are the bomb. The prices are very reasonable for lunch and not to bad for dinner. Lunch typically between $7 - $9. Dinners $10 and up. The location is just a few blocks north of the downtown area off of N. William Street.

      1. I swear this place is the BEST in Goldsboro or around the area. I was a fan since they were in the old they are in the bigger location and boy you'll love this place. They make the best Authentic Italian Food. Owned by this Italian couple who also have excellent service and eveything is fresh ingredients...I highly recommend pretty much everything. Great bar also...If you like merlot, try their La Terre.......