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Mar 4, 2008 11:18 AM

Vegetable Garden

Passed by today and noticed that they had closed up due to lease not renewed. Said they are merging with a bagel store on 38th btween 7-8th. Anyone have any additional information?

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  1. I noticed it too. I guess I'll have to learn to pack lunch, since the only really close option is Mendy's Grand Central.

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    1. re: tamars

      Here is what was posted on the door:

      Please be advised that, although Vegetable Garden closed its previous location, they are STILL OPERATING. Vegetable Garden has merged with Bagels and Plus, located at 243 West 38th Street (between 7th & 8th Avenues, 212-997-7558). Vegetable Garden's phone lines have been forwarded and they are still filling orders, both new and pending, both individual and catering from that location. The cell phone number for Avi on his business card is still valid as well, and he can be reached on his cell or in Bagels & Plus. Bagels & Plus is also under strict kosher supervision of the Star-K and is Cholov Yisrael and Pas Yisrael.

      1. re: azcohen

        I travel from Tampa occassionally to work at our company's office close to the old location. It so happens I stayed at the Westin in Times Square this trip due to availability and my quest for more starpoints...I went to Bagels and Plus this morning and talked to Avi. It sounds like he was ready to close on a new location and to reopen that Monday and a few days before the new place didn't work out and wanted more money. But everything is for good. The bagels were just as good as the old location and as a bonus, there is sushi. Having just had a $9 california roll at Abigael's last night that was nothing to write home about, I would say that at $5.35 it is a good deal.(We just won't tell my husband in case the california rolls don't make it past TSA or ahem, my lunch hour. He will still do delivery if you're a tourist like me and can't hoof it more than a few blocks in the cold on a lunch hour. I wish them well, every time I visit the food is always fresh, high quality and a competitive price so my non kosher friends don't complain.

        1. re: Levial

          I have been eating Avi's food when he was the manager at the original Veg Garden on 38th between Mad & 5th, and I must say that the quality has gone done since those days. Towards the end of this incarnation his workers were surly, and the place just looked dirty. But, as it was the closest place to my office I would continually go there in a pinch. I will admit that the person they had making pizza these last few months has been the best they ever had.

          1. re: azcohen

            It sounds like a good match, as Bagels and Plus is already almost the exact same place as Vegetable Garden: decent food, dirty place, worth patronizing more because of a lack of alternatives than on its own merit.

            1. re: LI Guy

              The lentil soup is worth having!