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Mar 4, 2008 11:11 AM

Fairway in Westchester update...

and why I love that store can be found in post from me dated today at bottom of previous thread. Link here:

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  1. Cool, laylag, thank you. I wonder if they're looking at the soon-to-be-vacated Home Depot spot in New Rochelle? Close to I-95, lots of space and open (my favorite kind) parking.

    That would be nice.

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    1. re: dolores

      That would be perfect Dolores. I'm in Mamaroneck and the closer the better since I'll be there constantly! You know, I need and can't seem to get a hold of bok choy in the NR Stop n Shop nor the yicky one in Larchmont and will call Port Chester before I try there. I know they have it sometimes but to be sure. And now that Mamaroneck Farms is closed...

      We so desperately need Fairway.

      1. re: laylag

        laylag, I've sure I've seen it in Kam Sen, the Asian market in the White Plains Mall. I even think I've seen mini-bok choys!

        Apple Farm is a zoo, but perhaps they might have it?

        1. re: dolores

          I get bok choy all the time at Apple Farm. They have it at both the Port Chester one and the White Plains one. Recently they have had the mini ones- but I think that is seasonal.

          1. re: debmom

            Thanks Dolores and Debmom. If I must, as I need it for dinner for tomorrow night, I will go to Apple Farms but I really don't like the one in PC - found the staff nasty the one time I went and didn't think the quality was all that. Haven't gone to the one in WP. I'm sure Kam Sen has it but I don't go that way on a regular basis. However, I have to be in WP today and will be near Whole Foods so figure they'll have it.

            A Fairway nearby would solve all such issues as this since I could do the vast majority of my weekly grocery shopping there and get wonderful stuff. A side trip to Trader Joe and I'd be pretty much set.

            1. re: laylag

              Lord's Farm in Mamaroneck (next to the CVS on the Boston Post Road) usually has bok choy, also you can get at "Simply the Best", across from the Post Office in Larchmont on Chatsworth Ave (they have the best veggies in the area, I think).

              1. re: pobo

                Thanks pobo. I live right near Lord's farm and can you believe they didn't have it the other day. I'll check again today and if not try Simply the Best.

                FYI to all - had about an extra half hour before a meeting a block from the Whole Foods today and drove into the garage. After driving around and around finally had to leave - didn't have to pay - without even going in to look for the bok choy. That parking situation there is just soooo irritating.

                1. re: laylag

                  Did they have no parking up a level either? It's easy to park up there and walk or take the elevator down to the market.
                  Re: the bok choy my DH just bought us some for dinner this afternoon at Kam Sen. FYI, wash it several time!

                  1. re: lucyis

                    Generally lucyis I will park further away from places and have no problem walking but I had a meeting nearby in half an hour and had no time to troll the upper levels. Honestly, when I go to a supermarket, even if it is "Whole Foods", I don't need that much aggravation.

                    However, I went back into Lord's Farm as pobo suggested today and they had the bok choy. They also had fabulous green onions - nice, fresh and thick unlike the skinny wilty stuff I've been encountering at S&S lately. Three for $1.99 too so tomorrow nights stir fry will feature some nice scallions. They had nice looking baby bok choy as well and I will purchase another time.

                  2. re: laylag

                    I tried to get WF to validate my parking with a small purchase on Sunday and they told me I needed to have a $15 purchase! They claimed it had been like that for 6 months. I was so pissed! I went to Fortunoffs and got someone there to validate it for me.

                    1. re: MisterBill2

                      I believe WF has required a $15 purchase for validation since they opened.

                      I live right near Lord's Farm, too, but usually end up at Apple Farms to get my produce. The one in WP is nicer, I think, but I don't really mind PC. I'd be so excited about having a Fairway. We drive to the one in Harlem all the time for our meat, and for the other things we need when entertaining.

                      1. re: Shawn

                        I had been told by a cashier on a previous visit to WF that they validated for any size purchase (and they did so on subsequent visits). Maybe I got unlucky and got a picky cashier this time (I was at customer service) or maybe they have reverted to the $15 minimum. I don't think I'll bother trying to find out.

                        1. re: MisterBill2

                          Hey Misterbill, congrats on finding something less than 15 to buy in WF!