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Mar 4, 2008 10:59 AM

Sultan's Kitchen and Wagamama- what to order?

I was wondering if you had any specific recommendations to make at Sultan's Kitchen and Wagamama. thanks in advance!

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  1. When I go to Sultan's Kitchen I usually get the mezze plate which has hummous, babaghanoush, tabouli, their Sultan's salata and some feta. It's a pretty big plate of food and is tasty. I've also had and enjoyed their lamb kabob, either the plate or in a pita. I haven't been to Wagamama so can't give you any recs there.

    1. I went to the wagamama in Harvard Sq a couple weeks ago. Overall I wasn't that impressed with the food but if I were a student looking for a healthier option I would be glad it was there.

      My favorite things there were not entrees but the fresh juice (carrot ginger) and the ginger cheese cake with white chocolate sauce (Can you tell I like ginger?) I usually find cheese cake too heavy but splitting this one with my husband was manageable. The bottom crust was like those oat-y flapjacks you get in the UK. Really yummy.

      The noodles in my Chili Men entree were overcooked. It also didn't look as appetizing as what it seems everyone around me ordered. My husband ordered something with udon noodles that looked better than mine but again the noodles were overcooked.

      We also had an order of negima yakatori as a side dish as recommended by another chowhounder but I found them really gross and inedible. The chicken was poor quality and dried out.

      The gyoza was bland.

      I don't want to sound too negative. It wasn't so bad plus we had a gift certificate so what did I care? But that's my review.

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        Not sure what the consensus on Wagamama is on this board, but I've generally enjoyed my times there (been about 3 times, all at the Quincy Market location). It's not that the food is particularly good (though it's not particularly bad either), but it has a different feel from most places, certainly around here. I should also say that it is by far at its best in the warm months when you can eat outside, watch people go by, and watch street performers in Quincy Market. I wouldn't call it a culinary destination, but it's a nice alternative if you're walking around/shopping in the area and don't feel like cramming your way into Faneuil Hall and waiting in line for a sausage or cup of chowder but still want something fairly casual.

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          I would agree with you TPistrix. If I was walking around Harvard Sq and wanted to grab something that wasn't a burrito or a burger, wagamama is not so bad. We sat at the window seats which I prefer to the long tables.

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          oh yeah, that ginger cheese cake is really fantastic. way better than anything you can get across the way at finale.

          i've been there 2x, and one time really liked what i ordered, and the other time thought it was pretty good but not great. unfortunately, i don't remember what i ordered on either occasion, so not much help. i think they are far better than the other noodle options in the square, however. priced maybe a bit steep, considering portion size etc..

        3. My favorite at Sultan's is the doner kebab; I prefer the plate over the sandwich. The swordfish and lamb shish kebabs are both excellent as well.

          The burma is my favorite dessert, although the baklava and the rice pudding are excellent as well.

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            second the doner kebab at Sultan's. They also have a nice soup/salad deal, I like the red lentil soup (not sure the actual Turkish name) and the grape leaves salad. Those are two of my favorites, but I have tried many things there and have not been disappointed.

          2. I don't get to Sultan's often but I always go for one of the specials and so far have never regretted it.

            1. Hi,

              The Boreks are excellent (little cheese filled pastries). I usually order one of the daily special plates. They are always delicious. They also have a salad sampler plate, where you can try 5 different veggie dishes. Basically, I'd say walk in and order what looks good. I've never had anything there that I didn't love.