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Mar 4, 2008 10:58 AM

Passover Hotel Recommendations

I am looking for ideas or reviews ( good & Bad) for passover hotels in the NY metro Area. Any info would be much appreciated

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  1. I'd be curious to hear reviews/experiences of the Nevele and Greenwald Caterers...

    1. The Ocean Place in Long Branch and a place by RAM caterers in Virginia Beach have been suggersted. Any reviews???

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        Yes, we have enjoyed the Ocean Place the last couple of years. I wrote an extensive review a few months ago which you can check. In a nutshell,the food was very good and plentiful,the place was lovely,nice rooms,nice people,good entertainment,great location(right on the beach-kiddush overlooking the ocean on an eighty degree day was quite memorable).Any questions,please feel free to ask.

      2. I've been spending passover at the Nevele for the past 10 yrs or so...the accomodations/facilities are's an old hotel in the Catskills! They have been slowly working on renovating the hotel...the lobby, Towers and main bldg (sleeping) rooms are in good condition. The Vacationeer and Golden Gate bldgs could use renovation. And sometimes you could find a water leak in the tunnels connected the bldgs as well as in the lobby area! Re the facilities, the pool, exercise room, etc are good...the shuffle board, ping pong rooms have been woefully neglected. If you get good weather during pesach, walking the grounds is enjoyable and the waterfall beautiful. As far as Greenwald Caterers...I find the food good...but from my point of view the fact that I don't need to prepare it, the food automatically has an advantage! Do some ppl complain about it? Yes! One aspect of it that is unique is that it attracts a mainly modern Ortho have the range of some ppl who wear black hats and others who are clearly playing tennis on yom tov. (The facilities aren't officially open on yom tov but there is access to them.) Most of the women probably don't cover their hair. The Leisure Time reps try to be responsive to ppls complaints during pesach. The kids day camp is very good, with the full range of activities...carnival, talent show, movies in the evenings, etc.
        Hope this helps...if you'd like any more info, let me know.

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          The pool,exercise room and spa in the Ocean Place are well maintained and attractive.and well maintained. I love the jacuzzi in the ladies spa area. There are shows for kids on Shabbos and Yom Tov days. There is a kids talent show on the last day of Yom Tov. The crowd was mixed from modern to yeshivishe. The food was good and plentiful.Breakfast was a buffet. It consisted of an omelet station,hot foods(pancakes ,french toast,blintzes),smoked fish,cheeses,fruit,cake etc.,Lunch was great. It was a buffet consisting of a fish,another hot choice,a vegetable,salads,pizza(gebrokts made in the foyer and nongebrokts) and an omelet station.( desserts also ,of course).Dinner generally consisted of an appetizer,a soup ,salad, a few choice of a main dish(generally a red meat,a chicken and a fish and dessert.There were obvious variations for Yom Tov as opposed to Chol Hamoed. The tea room was open whenever the dining room was not,and always nicely stocked. There were interesting lectures and enjoyable entertainment at night-singer one night, casino gambling one night of Chol Hamoed. The hotel is not that far from Great Adventure,as well as bowling and Jersey shore boardwalks. It is near NJ transit stops to the city.

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            I am just curious about the nevele. Has Greenwald been there for all those 10 years or were there other caterers?

            1. re: JS69

              Had been a different caterer until about 3-4 years ago...think it may have been Prestige (although I definitely could be wrong about that). Then about 5-6 years ago Greenwald did the catering at Fallsview for pesach. After a couple of years they ended up doing the catering at both Fallsview and Nevele...which is what the situation has been for the past couple of years.

              1. re: sanekosher

                Can we get a few details about Greenwald's food at the Nevele, specifically for yom tov? Also, do I need to bring my own shmurah matzoh and wine? Some places are stingy with the matzoh and don't provide quality wine.

                1. re: KosherKing

                  if you want handmade shmurah matzot you definitely need to bring your own. Also if you're particular about your wine I'd probably recommend bringing yr own...I believe at the kiddushim there's usually a nice assortment but in the dinning room most tables don't have anything of quality. Those that do, I don't know if they swiped them for the kiddush or brought their own. You can always call LeisureTime Tours who runs the program.

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                    kosherking-wondering how u found the nevele/leisuretime/greenwald catering? As I mentioned in previous posts, I've been going there for about 13 years but I'm vowing that next year will be a new place!

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