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Mar 4, 2008 10:47 AM


FRIEND COMING IN FROM LONDON AND WANTS TO ENTERTAIN 16-18 PEOPLE (ages 30-up) with good food, AND DANCING after, if possible, prefer Lower East Side, East Village, DOWNTOWN area? Stanton Social type of place.

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  1. one option is dinner at rayuela and people next door for dancing after.
    rayuela may place you at two tables (though if you book in time they can fit 20 at the biggest table) and you can reserve some space at people pretty easily (dont think there is a bottle minimum or anything)- i would recommend getting some sofa seating on the second floor near the dj. not a club or pretentious but good food and fun.
    alternatively do something like freemans and 205, or martingetti and belgrade...
    (cant seem to think of anywhere with food and dancing in the same space)

    1. I had great fun at a Bachelorette party at Gonzales y Gonzales on Broadway by Houston. The food was eh, but they keep the margaritas pouring and after ten they remove tables in the back to make room for a salsa band. Lots of regulars seem to be very good dancers and encourage all no matter their skill to get involved.