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Mar 4, 2008 10:30 AM

Street food?

Hi all! Headed down in June (getting married...WOOHOO!) and would like to know if there are any street food vendors...It's our second time down and we will be planted at Coop's, but would like to sample the local fare on the street if available?

Thanks in advance!

Jack And Tara

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  1. How about a Lucky Dog from a genuine hot dog-shaped cart? Lucky Dogs have been around since 1947. I've been around longer than that...but I haven't eaten a Lucky Dog.
    Lucky Dogs (hot dogs) are the street food of the Quarter usually consumed late at night/early in the morning after a major consumption of adult beverages. Woofing down a few Lucky Dogs on your wedding night would definitely make it a night to remember. To be completely honest thousands have eaten Lucky Dogs but few have died.
    I would have a roast beef poor boy instead. Congratulations on your wedding.

    1. NOLA is not a street food town--you won't find carts, kiosks, or vans like in some cities. We do have a few taco trucks, but they're not in tourist-friendly areas (usually parking lots of closed businesses). I hear tales of a late-night food vendor scene that materializes on Frenchman in the wee hours, but I go to bed too early to know about that.

      Skip the Lucky Dog--they're bad. Really bad.

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      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        Lucky Dogs are FANTASTIC for what they are...HOT DOGS. Yummmy!

        1. re: KateMW

          I respectfully disagree. LDs dishonor the very name hot dog. I realize they're a colorful part of the local scene, but as food, they're downright awful. Could we get a REAL hot dog in NOLA, please? (Props to those sausage dogs at Zephyr stadium.)

        2. re: Hungry Celeste

          HC - I actually ate at one of the street food vendors on Frenchman, it was a BIG bbq grill towed by a pick-up called 'biddles with the kibbles' or something along those lines - ordered the bbq sausage sandwich and ate it at the Apple Barrel and it was simple but good. There was another vendor across the street that had a good menu but we didn't have a chance to taste test - they put up tiki torches around the area for 'mood' lighting. Both vendors were in the Cafe Brasil area.

        3. Lucky Dogs have a monopoly on street food vending in New Orleans, and I'm sure a lot of money changes hands every year to keep it that way. Hey, this is New Orleans, cher...

          1. When I was a kid, there were rolling tamale carts Uptown. The vendor would pluck the tamales from a metal steamer, and each tamale was wrapped in newspaper. We'd buy half a dozen, then sit in Octavia Park and eat them in happy silence. More than pralines or Roman Candy, tamales were my favorite street snack!

            If ever there was a city that deserved great street vendors, it's New Orleans. Street food would sell like gangbusters in University neighborhoods and the CBD. (Street vendors have become wildly popular in NYC. One vendor has made his reputation selling chocolate bread pudding!)

            1. Avoid the Lucky Dog. Should be called Nasty Dog . Finally mustered the courage to try one Mardi Gras. One bite and in the trash.

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                You want mustard on that Campylobacter?