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crispo vs apizz?

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I have a res at crispo and apizz, which do you think is better? also which one is a better couples place?

any recs someone thinks is better than either of these btw?

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  1. Crispo. I could eat their Spaghetti Shrimp Fra Diavola every day!

    1. They're different. I'd give the edge to Apizz--more romantic and I think better food. But, Crispo is one of my favorite restaurants in the city b/c it's reliably good and well-priced. It can get loud, and it's cramped, but I find it romantic (many others disagree).

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        i live across the st from CRISPO. i never wanted to like the place, but i have come around over time and i agree its nice. the food is fine as you say esp for the price. i agree they are different vibes and food and also that APIZZ is better overall and more romantic.

      2. btw, how reliable is opentable? that's how i booked my apizz reservation, but it's the first time i've ever used it

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            I use opentable.com all the time, it is extremely reliable.

          2. Never been to crispo but apizz has good food but lousy service.

            1. i'd definitely give the edge to apizz, thanks in part to the quality of the dishes prepared in the wood burning oven. if you're a carnivore, the meatballs are wonderful...and the bread w/ricotta spread is delicious. you can't really go wrong with either...crispo has some fine pasta dishes...but given a one-or-the-other ultimatum, apizz would be my choice

              1. ok thx, looks like apizz it is...so whats the "must order" dishes?

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                    Apizz's menu looks delicious, but I notice that their "Primi" are really a combination of contorni and appetizers, and their "Secondi" are really a combination of primi and secondi. Do they let people order half portions of pastas and risotti for half price? It looks to me like a full Italian dinner there (an antipasto perhaps, then primo, secondo, contorno, and dolce) would be quite expensive.

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                      I don't think that the menu is really structured for a full Italian meal. The pasta and risotto portions are substantial, so they don't lend themselves to being an opening course. I've never asked for a half portion, but you could always call and ask... or split one primo between 2 people. I've always just ordered 1 or 2 antipasti for 2 people + either a pasta or other main course + split dessert

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                      I second the gnocchi, and the meatballs were awesome as well.

                    3. definitley apizz!! the pizza is really good, and its a little more romantic. I think crispo is a little bit generic and too much fried food or oil used in the cooking process

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                        Crispo's extensive menu (which is anything but "generic") has extremely few fried dishes, and I have never found any of the food to be particularly greasy. The menu is on their website:


                      2. First time going to apizz. Just wondering, where is the best place to be seated--and where is the worst? ( Thanks in advance.)

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                          I like the floating tables by the brick oven... but it's such a small space that I'm not sure there are really good and bad tables.

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                            appreciate the info Lucia. Reading some posts I feel that I should also ask if Apizz is a place a 30 year old young man would want to go to with his parents---or is it more of a romantic couples place? ( it will be his birthday and there will just be the three of us.) Is it possibly hip--not just "romantic ?"

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                              It's quite bustling. While it's good for couples, it's definitely not a hushed romantic place and there are plenty of groups bigger than 2.

                        2. I have a open table reservation at Crispo, my first time. I just liked the menu better, seemd like a more rounded restaurant. I also found it by asking her for arancini and it has it. It seems a bit less expensive to C'esa which had great food but alot of big families and big prices. I hope this will be a good Idea. Now I am thinking of changing to apizz which I never heard of either untiil this board

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                            Crispo definitely has a more extensive menu than Apizz. I haven't been to Cesca, so I can't compare. I think you'll have a great time at Crispo. It's one of my favorite restaurants in the city. But Apizz is certainly worth a try on your next Italian outing.

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                              head to Crispo. Parents love it here.