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Mar 4, 2008 10:14 AM

crispo vs apizz?

I have a res at crispo and apizz, which do you think is better? also which one is a better couples place?

any recs someone thinks is better than either of these btw?

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  1. Crispo. I could eat their Spaghetti Shrimp Fra Diavola every day!

    1. They're different. I'd give the edge to Apizz--more romantic and I think better food. But, Crispo is one of my favorite restaurants in the city b/c it's reliably good and well-priced. It can get loud, and it's cramped, but I find it romantic (many others disagree).

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      1. re: Lucia

        i live across the st from CRISPO. i never wanted to like the place, but i have come around over time and i agree its nice. the food is fine as you say esp for the price. i agree they are different vibes and food and also that APIZZ is better overall and more romantic.

      2. btw, how reliable is opentable? that's how i booked my apizz reservation, but it's the first time i've ever used it

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            I use all the time, it is extremely reliable.

          2. Never been to crispo but apizz has good food but lousy service.

            1. i'd definitely give the edge to apizz, thanks in part to the quality of the dishes prepared in the wood burning oven. if you're a carnivore, the meatballs are wonderful...and the bread w/ricotta spread is delicious. you can't really go wrong with either...crispo has some fine pasta dishes...but given a one-or-the-other ultimatum, apizz would be my choice