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Mar 4, 2008 09:54 AM

Robins in Cambria-Prix Fixe Brazilian Dinner

Hi Fellow Chowhounds,

Robin's restaurant in Cambrai (Central Coast) is having a Prix Fixe Brazilian Dinner on Friday March 14th for $39per person. I am thinking of attending but would like to have some company (especially since I'm now single, again). I used to live in Rio de Janeiro so some of this stuff brings back very pleasant memories.Their number is 805-927-5007

here is the menu:

First Course:
Creamy heart of palm soup with yogurt and local manzano chile oil

Second course:
Pork empanadas with guava chili dipping sauce

Choice of Entrees
(1) Brazilian Seafood Stew (Moquequa) delicate spicy coconut sauce on a bed of Rice.
(2) Churrasco -Three meat churrasco grilled skewers of chicken ,beef, linguica with mixed vegetables,Brazilian rice, black beans, plantains, chimichuri & spicy mango


Grilled pineapple with churro beignets,vanilla bean ice cream & Cream of caramel sauce.

It all sounds yummy and hopefully some Central Coast chowhounds would like to attend. I live in Santa Maria, so I'll probably get a motel room and come back on Saturday.

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  1. sounds great--we'll be out of town.

    hope some other local hounds will join you. If not, let's consider a local chowdown sometime later--anywhere.

    1. This sounds SO YUMMY! I just don't know what my schedule is yet. I haven't had Brazilian in YEARS and I've only been to Robin's once for lunch. I will let you know if I can join. I agree with Toodie, a local chowdown is definitely in order!