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Mar 4, 2008 09:31 AM

vietnamese sandwich?

So I've recently discovered this delight in the past year or so. Unfortunately, it was outside of Chicago. Does anyone know where I can get a great vietnamese sandwich? There must be a place on Argyle? Crusty bread, pork, fresh jalapeno, cilantro, mayo, carrot. Are you out there? Thanks everyone.

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  1. Where are you located? Ba Le on Argyle and Broadway is a good one. There is one on Lawrence in the Lincoln Square area that is good.

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      I'm located in the roscoe village area, but am currently on vacation and have a car so I'm willing to travel anywhere in the city. I'm unfortunately not very versed to the vietnamese in Chicago. Haven't ventured out side of eating pho I'm embarrassed to say. Thanks again.

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        Nhu Lan in Lincoln Square, mentioned by lbs but not by name, would be the easiest option by car from Roscoe Village. Nhu Lan is also a bakery and has a wholesale business supplying the bread for other shops selling banh mi. For more information including pictures see

        Hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm daily except for closing at 5:00pm on Tuesdays

        If you are not familiar with the wealth of food options nearby, check out HarvesTime Foods in the next block and Hellas Bakery (Greek pastry including great cheese and spinach pies) on the south side of the street in the same block. Swing west to Kedzie for quite a varied food section from 4900 to 4600 north and then stop at Cermak Produce at 4234 North Kedzie for some of the best produce and meats at reasonable prices within several miles of Roscoe Village. This sort of food exploration would be a nice vacation activity.

        Nhu' Lan Bakery & Sandwiches
        2612 W Lawrence

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          Thanks Eldon! I blanked on the name hard core.

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            Thanks for the info. I have to admit I ran (well drove) straight up town to Ba Le before you posted. I was not disappointed at all. Tasted similar to what I have had elsewhere however was missing something, couldn't put my finger on it. Thanks to all who have replied I'll be heading Nhu Lan soon. Happy eating.

      2. Ba Le is really sub par. I wouldn't go there.