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Mar 4, 2008 09:31 AM

Street Food Kensington Market

I need suggestions for street food to try in Kensington. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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  1. El Gordo empanadas on Augusta. Perfect size to walk around with. Many of the south American stores also have kitchenettes at the back. Follow the crowds. Also good are the doubles (roti stuffed with chickpea curry) at Patty King.

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      I have always gone to Jumbo Empanadas (across the street from El Gordo), they have a great salsa for dipping but just last week I tried El Gordo, they have 40 or so options! I had the Salsa Verde Beef, it was great.....ditto Snarf...

    2. yam burritos from the big fat burrito! though they're kind of big for street food .. miss cora's kitchen always has some little cupcakes and bars that are reeally good too .. or wait til the summer and get barbequed sardines! and the best cake ever from the chorizo store

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        1. Doubles from Patty King on Baldwin, empanadas from El Gordo, cheese samples from Cheese Magic or Global, Banh Mi from one of the sandwich shops on Spadina, Some pistachios from House of Spice, and, if it's a Saturday, check some of the latino shops on Augusta - occasionally they have fresh treats like tamales or pupusas. Perola's used to but alas, no longer. There's also fresh juices to be had, fruit and some of the best coffee in town.

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            You can get pupusas next door to Perola's at Emporio Latinho.