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Metro 29 or Bob and Edith's?

Have to decide on breakfast/brunch at either Metro 29 or Bob and Edith's. What is your pick?

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  1. I ate at Bob and Edith's last weekend after a long absence. The two offer very different experiences. Bob and Edith's is smaller, with a much smaller menu, which is perfectly fine if that fits your mood, eg if you just want an omelete, eggs and steak or pancakes, but not if you want Greek or french toast.

    Btw, has anyone tried the liver and onions at Bob and Edith's? I was tempted but played it safe with something else.

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      I had really good French toast at Bob and Edith's...though it was the larger one, now closed.

    2. I prefer the larger Bob and Edith's just west of the original. Depending on when you go, the Metro can be pretty hectic.

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        The larger Bob and Edith's closed a few weeks ago, as reported here.

      2. I love Metro 29 for lunch or dinner. Their crab cakes and ribeye steaks are really excellent and I don't mean "for a diner." One crab cake there and you will never order them at any white-tablecloth establishment in D.C. (Bobby Van's, are you reading this? McCormick & Schmick, capisce?)

        1. I love the atmosphere at Bob & Edith's but the lines can be unbearable since the space is so small. I usually choose to go to Metro 29, where the place is bigger and the waits are shorter and there are more brunch-y choices. The French toast is really good.

          1. Depends on what you want. Bob & Edith's is my favorite but it is small and crowded. Very mixed crowd; close to an authentic diner. Metro 29 is slick, clean, a family restaurant masquerading as a diner. More choices of food at Metro but it is all too commerical for me.

            1. My favorite is Metro 29. Their french toast is amazing. I went to Bob and Edith's only once and didn't think it was that great. It is small like everyone else is saying and it feels cramped instead of charming. My vote is for Metro 29.

              1. Thanks everyone!!! I was thinking of going ( to metro from the looks of these posts) around 9am... would that be the middle of the rush??

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                  No, you should be fine around then. It gets really busy around 11AM or so.

                2. I no longer go to Metro 29. Some of the waitstaff can be surly. The food has also gone downhill over the years, esp. the breakfast sausage.

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                    Maybe the breakfasts, but not the later-in-the-day offerings in my recent experience

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                      Thanks everyone! I chose to go to Metro 29. Wouldn't go back. We were a group of 4 and our server was a total mess and completely forgot coffee refills and messed our orders. 2 of us had the french toast (pretty good) and 2 of us had the greek omletes (ok). Guess it is just better to eat breakfast at home.... Thinking about going back to the area of the Crisp and Juicy though...

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                        That is too bad. Our experiences for breakfast at Metro 29 have been very gound. The link sausages are outstanding. I like to get in and out before 8:30/9:00 because the place can get very crowded. Perhaps that may have contributed to your experience.

                        The Cowboy Cafe up the road a piece does a pretty good casual brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday has had live jazz music as of late. The place got some new owners a few months back, has a new expanded menu, and is undergoing internal renovations this week. It is fairly affordable to boot.

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                          yeah, i noticed a lot of renovation-removed junk on the curb yesterday.

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                            I've had pretty bad experiences with diners that offer "new expanded menus." They often neglect the classics when they're assembling their "heart-smart" options and pasta primavera. "Mission creep" is what keeps me out of the Silver Diner chains.

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                          Tallula and Luna Cafe in Shirlington both do very good casual brunch. I am hoping to hear a review from Liberty Tavern their brunch menu looks great.

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                            kt, we will have to be the groundbreakers to visit liberty brunch.

                    2. Went to Bob & Edith's on Tuesday about noon. Ordered the blueberry pancakes but the side scrambled egg had some eggshell shards in it.. yuck.. and the plastic water glass was leaking from the bottom. The coffee and pancakes were decent enough (they actually give you an Aunt Jemima plastic syrup bottle to use) but I wouldn't go again.

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                        At least the egg shells point to real eggs and not reconstituted egg powder. I see Bob & Edith's as a option at 4 AM in the morning, when an egg shell fragment or two might be forgiven given the lack of choices. At noon, there's too many food choices to go to B&E. But if safe pancakes and eggs at noon on a weekday is the target, if not Bob & Edith's where? IHOP?