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Mar 4, 2008 09:05 AM

Craving for Samosas- Fairfax/FC/Arlington

I have been craving a good Samosa (anything in it.. beef, veggies) for a while now. Those at Bombay Bistro and Wegmans have served in a pinch but I am looking for authentic and cheap samosas... any ideas. Not in DC please...

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  1. Raaga's on Rt. 7 near Bailey's Crossroads has delicious samosas. I think they have them with potatoes and peas in them.

    1. One of the things I love in Africa and India is finding samosas all over as a snack, such as in bakeries, tea shops, bars, even breakfast buffets in hotels. I love them for breakfast. While samosas are pretty standard in the Indian restaurants of the area, finding them as a snack is harder. For me, one place that serves this purpose is Punjab Dhaba in Loehman's Plaza in NoVa. They have 2 types, one filled with lamb and (I think) peas, which is not so common here, and the other filled with the more standard potato and pea. I don't recall the price, but it's an order-at-the-counter rather than a white tablecloth place. The samosas are not huge, which, in my experience, is more authentic. In terms of taste, it's hard for me to say, since they taste different in India, depending on where you get them. Punjab Dhaba also has a wide assortment of Indian pastries, so it's like a tea shop or bakery, which suits me just fine. You can have them with tea or even with a beer, although I wouldn't recommend it for the pastries.

      1. I love samosas, though I can't say that I'm a connoisseuse. Frying anything is usually a good way to get me interested in the food. The Punjab Dhaba ones bacchante recommends are pretty good. The Bombay Curry Company in Arlandria has excellent ones, IIRC.

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          Thanks FoodieGrrl, bacchante, and cabster! I will look into your recommendations!

        2. Shiney's in Annandale or Aabshar in Spingfield. very aunthentic.

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            Shineys is a total gem--we had a chowlunch there within the last 2 years. Their chaat salads are a great mix of flavors and textures.