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Mar 4, 2008 09:02 AM

Louisville,ky-Reservations I have so far...

Hello there,
Going to Louisville for the first time for 4 days. I have reservations at :
The Oakroom
Proof on Main
610 Magnolia
Bourbon Bistro
is there a must stop I should eat at??? Could you direct me to some great bakeries??
Much appriciated!!

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  1. Go tht brown and have a hot of the best things I have ever eaten period!

    1. The Blue Dog bakery on Frankfort Avenue has great bread. Nord's on Preston has great pastries. Ermin's in Old Louisville is good. I like Breadworks (Douglass Loop in the Highlands). You might like Plehn's in St. Matthews.

      Are you looking for a particular type of bakery? Heintzman's is also a local "traditional" bakery with several locations.

      When I'm in the mood for bread, I go to Nancy's Bagel Grounds on Frankfort Avenue.

      1. I second the Ermin's recommendation for a bakery. I had an amazing slice of cheesecake at the Old Louisville location.

        My favorite restaurants in Louisville are The Mayan Cafe ( and Jack Fry's (

        At Mayan I usually order Cochinita Pork Pibil with Tox-cel Lima Beans and a Corn Cake. You can't go wrong with any of the options.

        At Jack Fry's I love the Goat Cheese Salad.

        I hope your trip is going well!

        1. I agree with Reviewlady Get thee to the Mayan Cafe... excellent food at excellent prices... Heintzman'sis good .. get the Butter Kuchen, Ermins is good too... if your into steaks, we have Pat's.. excellent buttery steaks with prices to match, but for a great deal go to Palermo Viejo, great steaks, chicken and seafood....

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            Order the Chilaquile at Mayan Cafe--and the coconut flan.

          2. As an absolute aside--we've been travelling across the river for food and drinks quite often lately. Rich O's renown Public House on Grant Line Road in New Albany, IN is celebrating Gravity Head right now by bringing in the finest high-test brews known to man. They also serve the finest pizza between Louisville and Turoni's in Evansville, IN. If you go there, order the Kayze (sp?)--spicy beer cheese with fresh spinach and tomatoes.

            We've found ourselves drawn to La Rosita Grill (Main Street, New Albany, IN) several times when faced with choosing a weekend restaurant. (Once after we'd appeared at Mayan Cafe--our favorite--and found it booked for the evening. . .) Salsa. Salsa. Salsa. Each one better than the one before. . .

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              Mamaciita, I've seen La Rosita.. it's that good huh?

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                It nudges our former favorite--Santa Fe Grill--out of the top spot. The salsas alone are reason enough to make the trip. They ("mild" avocado, "medium" chipotle, and "hot" habanero) come to the table in big squeeze bottles which inspire the (fleeting) notion of chugging.

                The same owners operate a taqueria--also called La Rosita--on Grant Line Road directly across from Rich O's/Sportstime Pizza.