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Mar 4, 2008 08:59 AM

Help! Leaving in 4 Days for Tokyo!

Hey all,
I've just been invited on my first trip to Tokyo (first trip to Asia entirely), and I leave in 4 days. I would like to experience as much of the true Japanese cuisine that I can find, even though I will only be there for two and a half days. Here's what I'm hoping for:

At least two meals of truly incredible sushi (one dinner, one lunch, price not an issue)

1 meal of the best Soba or Udon noodles to be found

Any other recommendations you might have! Your help is appreciated!!

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  1. Hi. Been out of Japan too long to give you specific restaurant recommendations but I can give you some suggestions of things to try, etc. Granted, you do not have a lot of time

    If you are willing to wake up early, go to the Tsukijii Fish Market to have a look and then eat some very fresh sushi.

    Cusines and foods to consider. Also, it depends on how experimental you are - You can find out what they are on the web (I don't have much time myself). - Okonomiyaki, Monjayaki, Oden, Chiwan-mushi, Takoyaki, simple grilled fish, Horse Meat Sashimi, Whale sashimi, Kaiten (Conveyer Belt) Sushi, Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ), really good Ramen (check this board for suggestions), Japanese Curry....