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Mar 4, 2008 08:33 AM

Local NYC gift ideas?

Some friends of mine just had their second baby. Instead of sending the usual baby gifts, I want to send them an NYC gift pack for them. Stuff they can enjoy to get through the next few weeks/months. So far I'm thinking coffee beans from a local coffee shop (maybe Jacks, Grey Dog, or Irving Farm), some peanut butter from PB & Co., maybe chocolate from Jaques Torres?
Any other ideas for quality, indulgent NY based food related items they would enjoy?
Thanks so much.

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  1. a squeeze bottle of fox's u-bet for egg creams. look for the kosher version, which as i recently learned right here on the 'ol hound, uses sugar cane instead of corn syrup. poke around in groceries for it, i know associated usually has it.

    1. How about some pastrami from Katz's? I'm in Chicago for 3/4 of the year now and my best friend sent me two glorious pounds of it for my birthday -- unbelievable.

      My out-of-town friends also love shipments of Junior's cheesecake. I think Ess-A-Bagel ships, and if Russ & Daughters does, that could be a fantastic spread. I've also seen customizable gift baskets at Dean & Deluca's website.

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        Zabar's ships - so does Greenberg's (William J. Greenberg) - mini-schnecken!

      2. I really like the Blue Mt.-blend coffee blend from Zabar's. Best in the city, IMO.
        Zabar's chocolate babka
        Chocolates from Kee's
        Jams from Sarabeth's bakery
        hard-to-find aged cheeses from Murray's Cheese Shop
        dried ravioli from Bruno Ravioli
        smoked whitefish from Barney Greengrass (which, despite the heresy, is better IMO than Russ & Daughters in the EV)

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        1. re: cimui

          Just used for two gifts. Very easy to use website, though some of the baskets are a little expensive.

        2. Bagels from Ess-A-Bagel (way better than H&H)

          1. Black and White cookie