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Mar 4, 2008 08:26 AM

sushi rice advice?

i've taken to eating handrolls at home fairly frequently and had a question about seasoning the rice. my first try at it in years i used a morimoto recipe and instinctively adjusted it because it seemed like it would be too salty. recently i just followed it without thinking and the result has been an unfixable batch of salty liquid.

his recipe is practically a 1 to 1 ratio - sugar : mirin : sushi vinegar : 1/2salt

looking up more recipes i notice quite a bit of salt shows up in them generally. why is this? i found the salt to be so overwhelming that any sweet or sour tones are masked. adding more vinegar didn't even help a bit!


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  1. Do you salt the rice during cooking?

    1. I've always used just a pinch of salt for two cups uncooked rice--mixed with the vinegar and sugar seasoning.

      1. Is the sushi vinegar you are using a commercial product?, if so, I wouldn't think you would add anything to it.

        You reference a morimoto recipe, I wonder if that recipe was for a specific application, vs general sushi su. I have eaten some "specials" where there is a lot of salt seasoning, with a sweet topping.

        Here is a "family recipe", will season 5 cups of cooked rice: 1 cup Heinz White Vinegar (note: I am currently using 4 Monks White Vinegar, costs ~half as Heinz from Costco), 1 cup sugar, 2T Salt. Here is a local church's recipe: 1 Gal Heinz White Vinegar, 10 lb C&H Cane Sugar, 26oz non iodized salt.

        1. no salting of rice during cooking.

          the first time i used the morimoto recipe (which from his cookbook is a general sushi su recipe), i used at most half if not much less salt and it was perfect!

          the sushi vinegar just seems to be a milder vinegar. i can't recall the brand right now.

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            By "sushi vinegar" are you referring to rice vinegar? I'm not Japanese but my friends are and their Moms use vinegar made from rice. Commercial rice vinegars used for sushi come pre-seasoned (with salt and sugar) and un-seasoned (this is pure vinegar, with no additives). The rice vinegars they use are milder because they are less acidic (4%).

            I'm told it's better to use the unseasoned vinegar and mirin (as the mirin provides more flavour than the sugar in the seasoned vinegars.)

            The proportions given by the OP looks about right, assuming the vinegar used is unseasoned rice vinegar.

          2. Absolutely nothing wrong with tweaking your recipe to suit your tastes. My grandmother never measured anything, and most of the time my mom didn't, either. Usually, they'd just add a bunch of vinegar, half as much sugar, and about a quarter as much salt, then start tasting and adjusting. My grandfather and dad, respectively, were the final arbiters of when it was 'just right'.