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Mar 4, 2008 08:24 AM

Eugene Seafood

what's your favorite seafood restaurant in Eugene for lunch or dinner?

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  1. Takeout window at Newman's, either the Willamette Street or Coburg Road location.

      1. re: flowergirl

        All sorts of options exist, depending on your affinity for ambience and budget. To name a few:

        Koho Bistro at Bailey Hill West of 18th has a nice Seafood Chowder and a menu with a nice variety of Seafood and non-seafood.

        McMenamin's North Bank off Coburg Rd / Country Club along the Willamette has nice patio seating in the season and decent microbrews.

        Cafe Lucky Noodle has seafood dishes and plays in the Asian / Italian genre. 5th at Oak

        Sushi Station 5th at Oak

        Steelhead Brewpub 5th at Oak

        The Fish Market Blair at 7th has seating, though not upscale they have offerings ranging from Seafood Pizzas to Lobster tail.

        PF Changs Coburg at Oakway (reservations recommended)

        I also like Wings at the Eugene Airport, nice Chowder and ambience.

        King Estate Winery would be another location for a memorable meal in the warmer months, especially, when you can sit on the patio and enjoy the view.

        1. re: Andy Jacob

          Actually the only Seafood Restaurant in Eugene is McGrath's Fish House by Valley River.

          I thought the question was seafood restaurant in Eugene. Most Eugene restaurants will have a seafood option but I did not wish to list them all.

      2. Liked Matt's in the Market and Ray's Boathouse in Seattle. Looking for simple and delicious - oysters, chowder , fish etc. Price is not an issue but I dont like fussy, overproduced food. Staying near the university this weekend so probably wont be eating outside.

        1. Ah, by the University.

          The are lots of unique ethnic restaurants on 13th Ave right by Campus. In addition the Excelsior is there and that is the most upscale dining near campus. I love the Korean resaturant on Hillyard, across the street the the Dairy Queen.

          On 14th between Alder and Hilyard is Pegas Pizza, nice local place, I love their smoked salmon Pizza.

          Taylor's on 13th has some simple seafood entries on their menu, I know because we end up there before basketball games getting hydrated.

          Enjoy your trip to Ducktown!!!

          1. Sit down fish at the Fisherman's Market, on 6th (though it's not very close to the university). As mentioned above, besides Newman's and the Fisherman's Market, Eugene doesn't have any exclusively fish restaurants (I refuse to count McGraths!). Beppe and Gianni's, near the University, does some very nice things with baked fish sometimes.