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How is Dooky Chase these days?

I read on one of the threads that Dooky Chase had reopened. I am considering going there toward the end of the month. Is it still good? How is it different, if at all?

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  1. It's still take out only as far as I know, and I hear they're not good at keeping regular hours.

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      exactly...I live a few blocks away and drive by all the time- NEVER do I see an open sign or any cars in the afternoon~

      once in a while I see a couple of balloons and a handwritten "private event" sign taped to the door- but nothing regular

      definately call first

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        I agree w/chef--I drove by last week and a big tour bus was parked outside, but it did not appear to be open to the public.

    2. How is Dooky Chase these days? Closed to the public, despite benefits held for the Chases both in New Orleans and in other cities. The Chases did receive a lot of donations, more than $500,000 in cash, Including $175,000 from Star-bucks, and appliances from Viking.
      Dooky Chase is open for special interest groups e.g. presidents, presidential candidates, etc.
      I'm sure the $100.00/plate Gumbo 'Herbs made with donated food and labor will be available Holy Thursday.
      Dooky Chase was at one time a restaurant that served such dishes as shrimp, fried chicken, court bouillon, sautéed veal, grillades and grits. The food at Dooky Chase was at best O.K. pre K. not the "to die for" quality of the 60s, 70s and 80s.
      For whatever reasons, Leah, the "81-year-old local institution" and the Chase family have chosen not to reopen at this time. Maybe it's because she's 81 years old? Please, let that sleeping dog lie.
      If you plan on going there toward the end of the month...call ahead 504-821-0600

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        Try Willie Mae's Scotch House! Awesome Fried Chicken. Although no free refills on Iced Tea is a bummer, especially at $2 a glass.

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          You have me very intriuged. I have never been despite my many trips to New Orleans. Looks like I have been missing out on something really good.

          Has it opened for dinner yet or is it still just lunch? Is it closed Sundays and Mondays still? Please share any insight you have about when is the best time to go/get there and anything else you think I should know.

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            I have tried to go to Willie Mae's at least three times when I thought they should be open (according to hours I found) and they were closed all three times. Is there a secret door to Narnia that I'm missing?

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              Did you try to go in? It looks closed even when it's open.

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                Yep, went in and were told it was closed. It was a Friday at 1pm the last time.

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                  Just returned from French Quarter Festival- visited Willie Mae's Scotch House on Monday (04/14/08) with my family (6) arrived at 11:15; took the last available table for 6 and waited for incredible fried chicken; fried pork chop; butter beans; green beans, rice, sweet ice tea; and bread pudding for dessert- everyone in our group was thrilled with the food. There was a wait- but worth it! My Mother and Father in Law are from Texas and they loved the food! All in all- it was a great experience!

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                    I am disappointed that they are pushing sweet tea...that abomination belongs in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi. New Orleans used to have the best iced tea and the best coffee in Christendom, unadulterated by sacharine infamies. A touch of sugar? Well, OK...a glob of coma-inducing crystals? May as well put ketchup on crabmeat.....

                    Willie Mae's chciken is fine if you've never bothered to do it yourslef....no big deal, though

        2. I advise AGAINST Dooky Chase. I attended one of those "private events" several months ago and was very impressed with the quality of the food and the ability to serve 15 people with one server.

          I scheduled another event two months in advance with Leah herself; a brunch for 20. Less than 18 hours before the event, I received a call saying there was no way she would be able to handle the party and would have to cancel. This was a month after invitations had gone out and the night before the event.

          I was told that "she'd make it up to me" but this was a one-time event and I had to plead my way into another restaurant with a large party the next morning.

          I highly recommend avoiding this seeming "money pit" of an institution. There are plenty of other worthy restaurants in the city that could benefit from your charity and support.

          1. too bad d.c. is closed. praline connection used to be good place to go for soul food. had 2 locations: 1 in faubourg marigny and 1 near convention center. if still open try it. dg

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              Dooky Chase is far from closed. Yes, they are on a limited schedule - open at 11am Tue-Fri for takeout or lunch; but they hope to expand their hours soon. And Leah is doing well, full of optimism and stories.

            2. feb. 5, 2009: i just called dooky chase in new orleans and they ARE open for lunch tue-fri. not open for dinner. leah chase is alive and well they said. dg

              1. Hi -

                Sorry to bump this up again, but, my husband is in New Orleans right now for work, and seemed to recall some great fried chicken place that he saw on TV - I'm thinking that might be Willie Mae's? Though I recall years ago seeing Dooky Chase making her fried chicken on a show w/ Julia Child. I've seen other threads that recommend Popeyes, but I suspect, regardless of how good it is, he might want something ever so slightly more upscale. So, any updates on Dooky Chase these days? I gather she's only open for lunch?

                Thanks so much ... and hoping I'm not stirring the pot here!

                Edit - He's staying at the Windsor Court so, though he has a car, he probably won't want to go too far afield, unless it is somewhere on the road to or from the port.

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                  As far as I know, they still have odd hours, so it may be difficult to time it right. Willie Mae's is pretty good as well. As far as slightly more upscale places serving fried chicken-in times past I might suggest Jacques Imos, but the past few times I have been there I have been less than impressed with the chicken but very impressed with the other components of my meal.. McHardys is one of my favorites, but more of a carry out place.

                  Willie Mae's Scotch House
                  2401 Saint Ann St, New Orleans, LA 70119

                  Jacques-Imo's Cafe
                  8324 Oak St, New Orleans, LA 70118

                  Mc Hardy's Chicken & Fixens
                  1458 N Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119

                  1. re: ScarlettNola

                    Thank you - I'll pass on the information to my husband.

                    1. re: MMRuth

                      JazzyB (a frequent poster) and I were discussing fried chicken on another board and she suggested Austin's in hopes of getting Austin Leslie's fried chicken recipe, so that is another thought as well.

                      Austin's Creole Kitchen
                      2005 N Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119

                      1. re: ScarlettNola

                        Thanks again for your help - he ended up at some random place in Kenner (sp?), but had dinner at August last night, and is on his way to Bayona now. I hope he gets to try some of these fried chicken recs. on his next trip - and maybe I'll come along, though only in the winter months! BTW - is the A&P in the French Quarter still open? And what happend to the spot where the G&E Grill was? Thanks.

                        1. re: MMRuth

                          I don't get to the Quarter all that much but am almost certain the A &P on Royal Street is still open. I am not certain about G & E Grill.Just called my Mom and she remembers them having a nice courtyard, but other than that I have no clue. Sorry. Speaking of wonderful courtyards, I hope your husband enjoys Bayona. That is one of our all time favorite restaurants.

                          1. re: MMRuth

                            Just spoke with a friend of mine and she seems to think that Pravda (Apparently a bar decorated with a "cold war" motif is in place where G & E Grill used to be. I am assuming this is the same G & E Courtyard Grill my mother knew. I have never been to Pravda so cannot vouch for anything, but it sounds rather interesting.

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                              Yes - it was the G & E Courtyard Grill - we always enjoyed lunches there. And yes, he had a v. nice meal at Bayona - sweet breads and pork chop. When I asked how he'd compare his dinners at August and Bayona (he's been to both many times, both pre- and post-Katrina), he said he thought they were on par with one another, but that he appreciated that Bayona had a better selection of wines under $100. He also said, fwiw, that he thought the service was a bit off at both places, but not so much that it interefered with his enjoyment of his meals.