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Mar 4, 2008 08:12 AM

Sel de la Terre or Stanhope Grille?

Having dinner w/ a couple of friends from out of town this weekend. One of our friends has celiac disease but does fine in most restaurants that serve steak, chicken, etc. Pricewise these appear to be around the same. Any preferences or comments welcome. Thanks!

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  1. SG is a traditional, formal hotel dining room w/the expected menu of fish, fowl & meat. SDLT has a light, fun Provincal decor and a varied rustic country menu which would be this hound's choice. I would call them, explain the dietary restrictions & see what they come up with.

    1. I think the menu at the Stanhope Grille is comparatively generic and dull, typical for a mid-priced hotel dining room, though the Cuffs bar has a nice sunken patio for after-work cocktails in warmer weather. Speaking only for the Boston outlet (haven't been to the Natick one), I've found the Country French menu at Sel much more interesting. Can't speak to either's ability to address that dietary restriction.

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        I agree with both of the recommendations above. SG is a fairly utilitarian high-end hotel restaurant (i.e. low on charm). And while the food is good, there's no real magic. SDLT, on the other hand, is really fun, the menu is regional french so its more focused and every dish I've ever had there has really "popped." Both places should be able to handle dietary restrictions elegantly, but it can't be a bad idea to call ahead, as you'll probably want a reservation at SDLT anyway. Enjoy!