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Unique Dining for a Date

I'm looking for a unique restaurant for a first date. Nothing too serious. I was looking at Comet Ping Pong, but it seemed to get quite a few bad reviews on this board. I like the idea though, something fun/different to go along with dinner.

Any ideas? I'd also take suggestions with restaurants near something different to do after.

Thanks for any help.

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  1. you could always eat near by and go there for drinks/ping pong (do they let you do that? I've never been, it's on the CT ave of my hood, and there I venture not!)

    How about a place downtown (matchbox, maybe?) then go bowling?

    I don't think DC has many places with food and activities - maybe Cue Bar?

    1. I always think Busboys and Poets is a good date spot. There is a lot going on with the book store, interesting art, sometimes live music and just a generally interesting atmosphere.

      The food is decent enough--I like the catfish.

      You could always go grab dinner at St.Ex or Marvin's and then head over to Busboys and Poets for dessert or drinks.

      Also on U St. is some pool hall (anyone know the name?). I can't remember exacty where it is, but I once went on a date at Creme and then went to the pool hall where I showed off my attrocious skills. I feel like they also might have had darts.

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        it's Cue Bar... and very fun! Or, you could also be thinking of Stetson's? Maybe?

      2. Not knowing what area you are looking to go to, there are multiple bars that I can think of that would be fun to try after going to a restaurant that you know to be good and are excited about, and are all in good "restaurant heavy" locations...

        -Atomic Billiards in Cleveland Park has board games, pool, shuffle board, darts.
        -Bedrock Billiards in Adams Morgan has the same, plus I heard something about a Wii, too?
        -Rocket Bar in Chinatown has billiards, shuffleboard, darts.
        - Cue Bar, at 12th and U, which has darts, pool, and ping pong.

        Personally, I really like Atomic Billiards for the board games, and you could try Palena Cafe or a small plates/ wine bar place like Bardeo/Ardeo (they confuse me on the names). Or, Cue bar is good, as it is really close to all the delicious Ethiopian places, which which add a "fun" atmosphere to any date.

        1. I think Rocket Bar in Chinatown could be a good date spot. They have pool, darts, shuffleboard, etc. And because they don't have a kitchen, they let you bring in carry out from nearby restaurants. So you could get food to go at Matchbox or somewhere else in the area and then eat while you play games, etc.

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            Oooooo our California Tortilla!!!!! (Sorry I'm addicted to that place.)

          2. How about the bowling alley in the chinatown movie theater? Load of fun, good upscale retro type food. A bit loud though and you definitely need to reserve a lane. Second busboys and poets, also Bucks fishing and camping especially if there is something happening at politics and prose.

            1. The Portrait Gallery and Museum of American Art, right near the Verizon Center, stays open till 7:00. There is a really lovely atrium where you can buy sandwiches, coffee, wine and beer. If you might like to start your date on an arty note, this would be a fabulous first stop. Then you can go bowling at Gallery Place, or to play pool at Rocket Bar, both really close by.

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                dcandoh: are you referring to the courtyard - fantastic canopy BTW - or the upper floor cafe in the folk/outsider art area? (haven't been in a couple of months and they were setting up the courtyard for a party so couldn't tell what it's usu. like)

                in good weather they serve (over-priced) drinks in the South Portico, nice view.

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                  According to the web site, it's called the Kogood Courtyard. The Upper West Side cafe is closed. That Portico cafe is now "closed for the season," set to re-open in April. If you haven't been in a few months, GO. That courtyard is really cool. There's a very shallow water feature. The wine is really just plonk, but it's still nice to drink plonk and have a snack in such a great setting.

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                    I was able to peek in, it's amazing how "right" the canopy feels, love the juxtaposition of the modern and the classical.

                    "plonk in a nice setting" it's what keeps me going back to Poste's courtyard in Summer.

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                  Or better yet go to the Portrait Gallery and then get some small plates at either Jaleo or Proof. Or order from the cute lounge menu at PS7 (not expensive at all...especially during happy hour).

                3. It's a DATE ... go to the Tabard Inn. Spend time in the parlor sipping liqueur. My wife recalls the experiance fondly after 23 years. I think it did the job of "selling me" pretty well.

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                    congrats to you Wayne! 23 - wow! I'm at 15 and am still astounded.

                    I got the feeling he or she was looking for more of an off the wall sort of thing. casual-like.

                  2. The food @ lucky strike (bowling alley @ Gallery Place) is decent for bar food.
                    Plus with Lucky Strike, you've got 1) a bar, 2) pool tables, 3) bowling, 4) Regal Cinema close by, 5) Haagen Daaz for sharing the banana split.

                    I would have recommended Wasabi on 17th, because although the sushi is okay, the real fun is trying to grab your plate before the next person. But it's only fun when there are a # of people there "competing", as I found out on my last date.

                    And there's a great Korean restaurant in the VA suburbs..it's in a strip center.....wait I can't remember the name. But you get to cook the food yourself (which I think is generally a rip off, but it's interactive so it's good for a date). I'll respond if i can recall the name.