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Vegetarian B'more B-Day Dinner this Friday

I am celebrating my birthday this Friday and I am looking for a recommendation of a good place to eat after I see the BSO at the Meyerhoff. I don't need something super close as I don't mind driving. The only requirement is that there are some decent non-meat dishes on the menu and that its not too expensive as I am on a budget. Other than that I am game for anything. Thanks for the help.

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  1. rocket to venus

    holy frijoles (it gets knocked, but I loved their taco salad...very veggie)

    Golden West Cafe

    all cheap, "fun" and veggie friendly.

    1. I know this is late, but I highly suggest The Helmand on Charles St.

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        Second The Helmand!!!! The vegetarian Aushak is fantastic and its near the Meyerhoff. Feels birthday-ish without being too expensive.

      2. My Thai on Charles Street--great variety, cool atmosphere and very reasonable.

        1. You could also go to B Bistro or if you want a more casual vegetarian friendly experience Zodiac definitely fits that bill as does One World Cafe by Hopkins. I second Rocket to Venus as well as Helmand. It all depends on atmosphere/cuisine but all are reasonably priced. Have also had great vegetarian dishes at the Bicycle in Fed Hill and Jack's Bistro in Canton.

          1. Lots of good suggestions so far.

            The Helmand for sure (but it's a bit pricey).
            Rocket to Venus is fun/funky but the service leaves a lot to be desired.
            My Thai is also good.

            Avoid Golden West (wretched service which is not ok, and especially not on your birthday!).

            Bicycle is good but definitely expensive and not for someone who is on a budget.

            1. My vegetarian b-more friend really likes Woodberry Kitchen, but I don't know how many veggie dishes they have or price since I haven't been, but once. She had the autumnal vegetables though and thought it was very good.

              1. Kumari, Akbar or Saffron are all fun/nice Indian with tons of veggie options.

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                    Yes, but there's something else in it's place...I think the name is Indigma, but I'm not sure.

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                      Yes! Sorry, that's what I meant – Indigma

                1. Reasonable, veggie and meat friendly? I always recommend Mezze ( sort of nouveau Greek small plates) and Lebanese Taverna (small plates and more of fairly sophisticated Middle Eastern cuisine). Have a little more cash? Check out the Afghani offerings of Helmand, it's one of the best restaurants in town.

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                    I was going to suggest Lebanese Taverna as well. I think it's one of those rare good and affordable place in a nice/hipish setting, w/o being tragically hip or uncomfortable.

                    I am not a fan of Mezze. They have this truly bizarre and elitist seating policy, and I think their food is pretty uninspiring and expensive for what it is, although the presentation is lovely.

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                      What do you mean about Mezze's seating policy? I never had any issues.

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                        Have you ever tried to get a table outside when the weather's nice? It' s truly ridiculous. I have run into this weirdness several times & obviously some people count and some (like me) don't. I also heard from someone else that this was the number one complaint about the place.

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                          I have had SERIOUS issues with seating, though to be fair it was only on one occasion from about 10 visits. I actually was so pissed off and vocal that I literally (and physcially!) interceded when the totally inept hostess started walking a couple to their table and I stepped in front of her and said "You are NOT going to give them a table when they have been here 10 minutes and we have been here over an hour."

                          That was the last time I went there on a Friday/Saturday.

                          Maybe they just have stupid/inept hostesses?? (Alas, all the Greek joints I had every waitressed at suffered from the same problem, because they always hired family members to be the hostesses. But I digress...)

                          But their zucchini fritters!!!! Everything else there, I can pretty much do without thinking at home. But oh, those fritters.

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                            The fritters are one of my favorites there as well.

                  2. I 'second' the rec's for Lebanese Taverna, B, The Helmand. I think any of these would be a great place to have a birthday dinner (actually, the latter two I've spent mine at previously) as the food is good, the vegie offerings varied and well priced. Out of the three tho, i think that the Lebanese Taverna prob has THE most variety.

                    I'm not a fan of Zodiac, the food has alawys just been ok w/ me and i hate the space - so dark and forelorn. not exactly festive.

                    1. I love Zodiac. They have great veg and vegan options, while also servicing the carnivores with a tasty and varied menu. I know aussiewonder, below, didn't have high praise for it, but it's been a favorite for mine for nearly 10 years. Zodiac is my "go-to" place for dinner with all vegetarian friends, and each one has truly enjoyed the food as well as the Zodiac-inspired atmosphere/decor.

                      You can order reasonably-priced dishes (the falafel sandwich is the best falafel in Baltimore, IMHO, and the Mussels app is one I often order as a meal) there, too.

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                        I eat Zodiac food twice a month, since the Baltimore Drinking Liberally chapter meets at Club Charles, where the Zodiac menu is available. I'm not sure I'd call any of it great, but it's ok. I can't speak to the atmosphere since we always order from and eat next door at the bar.

                        If I was going to try to choose restaurants for vegetarian friends, it would be Helmand, Thai Arroy and Mezze, more or less in that order.

                      2. I'm looking forward to trying One World Cafe - it's on my list of places to try. I went to Zodiac once on a Sunday night and just loved the atmosphere. We sat up on the balcony across from the kitchen with a view of the restaurant and It's quirky in a very good way. The food was also quite enjoyable. The only thing I found a little odd was that we were directed to the next room/next business? (at the back of a bar) to use the restroom.

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                          The bar is the Club Charles. You can also get Zodiac food at the bar there. Many restaurants have their bathrooms in the bar area, they just don't have 2 different names.